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Posted on 23/11/2022 by PCF

In 1960, the Mirabal sisters were killed for being women and feminist activists in the Dominican Republic. In 1999, the United Nations General Assembly declared November 25 as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

This day gives visibility to the fight against violence: femicides, domestic violence, sexist and sexual violence, prostitution, sexual and reproductive exploitation, prohibition of access to contraception and abortion, genital mutilation, forced marriage, etc.

Socio-economic violence and inequalities in pay and work are violences that perpetuate women’s insecurity and still confront us with house arrest, the sticky floor and the glass ceiling.

Religious fundamentalism, far-right and conservative politics, health crises, migration crises and wars reinforce this violence. We support women at war all over the world: American, Ukrainian, Afghan, Iranian… Feminist and sisterly solidarity knows no borders.

In France, the so-called great cause of government always causes. Associations still carry out, often on a voluntary basis, public service missions with women who are victims of violence. Places for listening, advice, guidance, accommodation and care are very few and unevenly distributed throughout the territory.

Justice is struggling to deliver to the victims. The High Council for Equality highlighted an alarming reality: 5 years after the #MeeToo free speech movement, impunity remains the norm. Only 10% of victims file a complaint and 80% of complaints are not followed up, thus not resulting in a trial. Only 1% of rape complaints result in a criminal conviction. These figures discourage women victims of violence from seeking justice.

In October, the Senate produced an unpublished report “Pornography: The Hell of Decorum” in which PCF Senator Laurence Cohen participated. Historic trials are underway in France against those responsible for this patriarchal industry that trivializes rape culture and sexualizes sexist, racial and lgbtphobic violence. The link to child pornography/pedocrime and child prostitution is also evident.

The criminal pornography industry makes its profits from the insecurity of its victims. Young girls from childhood social assistance schemes and/or who have suffered violence within the family (including sexual and incestuous) are privileged targets of these networks, in a continuous logic of violence, exploitation of insecurity and social fragility.

We campaign for a society freed from relations of domination and exploitation, to emancipate women and society as a whole from the yoke of patriarchy, making us collectively progress towards greater equality, freedom and rights.

Shirley Wirden

Member of the National Council

The Feminist Committee and the Transparency Committee for the PCF debates would like to warn the comrades about the imbalance between the contributions of men and the contributions of women in the context of the preparation of the Congress. The percentage of female contributors is much lower.

We call on comrades to mobilize so that the contributions reflect the reality of our party and promote their mix in individual and collective contributions.

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