An offensive and unifying festival Huma Normandie

Posted on 23/11/2022 by PCF

The 150 spectators present on Sunday at 11 o’clock did not want to miss the presentation of Tom and Emma, ​​two MJCF young people who returned bored from their trip to Palestine. Emma relayed her promise to a Palestinian to “tell the truth about what’s happening in our country” to the room. A lifelong struggle for the deputy Jean-Paul Lecoq, vice-chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Assembly and bearer, with his colleagues from the GDR group (communists and ultramarines), of a resolution “condemning Israel’s institutionalization of an apartheid regime against the Palestinian people”.

The MP drives the point home: “Palestinians, but also the progressive forces of Israel, thank us for characterizing Netanyahu’s far-right regime in this way. Would it be the only political regime in the world that could not be criticized or contested? Come on, let’s be serious…”, concluded the deputy.

At a meeting, the director of Humanity Fabien Gay held the voice of the world of work: “Let’s make the wage battle a global issue about the distribution between capital and labor. Regarding the pension that Macron wants to break by postponing the retirement age ad-vitam aeternam, let’s create the conditions for a popular campaign to reject this harmful social choice. The newspaper l’Humanité will take part in this fight, “recalled the senator from Seine-Saint-Denis in front of several hundred people on Sunday.

On Sunday afternoon, the communist deputy for Rouen Hubert Wulfranc took part in a debate on the future of the train and on the proposals made by trade union activists from the CGT-Cheminots, but also user associations or railway protection associations such as SOS-gares. known in Normandy and in the metropolitan area of ​​Rouen for his proposal to create a metropolitan RER.

The day before, representatives of the deputies of Norman Nupes took the floor during a strong moment animated by senator Céline Brulin, president of the cooperative of elected communists, republicans and citizens of Seine-Maritime. This emphasis allowed Alma Dufour (LFI), Gérard Leseul (SP) and Sébastien Jumel (PCF) to develop the political initiatives of parliamentarians in the face of the Macronist coups: 49-3, salaries, pensions. Deputies scanned the proposals of their respective groups before 300 pairs of attentive ears in the Agora de l’Humanité, located between the tribunes of the PCF federations of Eure, Orne and Manche, fifteen tribunes of the PCF sections. of Seine-Maritime, and the stance of young ecologists and La France insoumise. “Socialists are good in opposition and they must learn to be good when they are in power. Rebels are good when they appeal to the conscious middle classes and they must learn to speak beyond that. And the communists are good when they raise the political content and the flag of the rally”, said Sébastien Jumel to the applause of the crowd.

Concerts, debates, theatre, cinema, children having fun, good food, motivated activists and leftists together: all the ingredients were there to put the mayonnaise on – and it happened, to the great pride of the builders, the activists who worked. for weeks in preparation with the newspaper teams. The 5,000 visitors in attendance were motivated to do it again next year, for the 20th anniversary of the Hume Festival in Normandy.

Aurelien Lecacheur

department secretary

Photo by Jerome Lallier

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