SFR releases an internet box with a laptop included

SFR has taught us with exceptional offers. But this is clearly worth deviating. The operator in the red square really offers a new package: or fiber internet box and an ASUS laptop at a preferential price. With the holiday season approaching, this incredible operation should entice you. Discover all the details of this incredible sale without delay.

An ASUS laptop at a preferential price with SFR case

If you want to please a loved one for Christmas, or just give yourself a small gift, SFR is your best ally. You will be able to get, if you register in one Online subscription SFR with one ASUS laptop at a low price.

This black ASUS E510 computer is equipped with a 15.6-inch HD display with a resolution of 1366 x 768. In terms of performance, it is powered by an Intel Pentium N5030 1.1 Ghz processor (3.1 Ghz boost), 4 GB of RAM and a hard disk with 128 GB of storage space.

Lightweight (only 1.35 kg), this ASUS PC has a battery life of up to 8 hours. You will benefit too 1-year personal subscription to Microsoft 365 and a free accessory kit. Usually billed at the retail price of €499, this computer is offered by SFR between €1 and €49 depending on the selected SFR internet offer. As with mobile plans including a new smartphone, financing costs of €8/month also apply for 24 months.

The price of the computer according to the selected offer

Starter Box + Asus PC Box Power+ PC Asus Premium Box + Asus PC
Box price (first year) €28/month €36/month €42/month
Box price (second year) €48/month €53/month €60/month
funding €49
(+€8 for 24 months)
(+€8 for 24 months)
(+€8 for 24 months)
or all at once €241 €221 €193

Is SFR’s Box + PC offer a good plan?

If you’re looking for a competitive gaming PC for online gaming, go for it. The ASUS model offered by SFR is not cut out for the most demanding multimedia uses. The operator is more aimed at Internet users looking to equip themselves with an entry-level computer that allows them to surf the Internet, watch online videos and send emails.

Financially, SFR’s proposal has the advantage of spreading the payment for the computer over 24 months. So it’s a good way to enjoy a laptop without spending 500 euros all at once. Be careful as well: even if the initial PC price remains 2x cheaper over 24 months than the general public price, the price of the Box + PC subscription increases compared to an SFR box alone.

Finally, note that subscribers who choose the Box + PC formula benefit from several promotions and advantages:

  • one year personal subscription to Microsoft 365 (word, excel, outlook, cloud…) worth €69
  • 2 included bonuses of your choice to choose from the following services (1TB SFR Cloud, Multi TV, Digital Hard Drive and SFR Cybersecurity)

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