Montpellier: this model apartment can help you lower your energy bill

“My Eco Apartment” was inaugurated on Tuesday 22 November in Antigone by the City and ACM Habitat. This open-to-everyone model accommodation teaches how to save money on a daily basis. Ingrid Szepetiuk, ecological gesture advisor at ACM Habitat, shares the advice she will give visitors.

In this apartment, everything has been thought out to save as many resources as possible. From Monday to Friday, everyone is invited to push their door, at 44, place du Millénaire. Inside, real accommodation 100% fully repurposed furnished with furniture and accessories from Resourceries de Gammes and equipped by their integration workshops.

In each part of the accommodation are shared dozens and dozens of tips for better consumption and lower bills. In panels, through flash codes, a virtual reality helmet and above all thanks to the presence of Ingrid Szepetiuk. Advisor in eco gestures at ACM Habitat, she is the one who will welcome the inhabitants of Montpellier eager to know more. The goal is to educate 3,000 people. In Tourny, a first apartment of the same type, inaugurated in October, taught 500 people how to measure their energy consumption. Small, non-exhaustive, piece-by-piece tour, tips to master, shared by Ingrid Szepetiuk.

In the kitchen: neither too hot nor too cold

The ideal temperature of the refrigerator is 4°C, that of the freezer -18°C. “Be careful not to put ice in order to avoid overconsumption”, says the Eco Gestures advisor. Fill the dishwasher and washing machine to the max. Put the dishwasher at 50°C, in eco mode and clean the filter thoroughly. “This mode saves up to 45% electricity compared to the intensive program”. Set the washing machine to 30° or eco mode. Turning it to 90°C, we consume three times more. “It’s not much and yet, when you cook in a pan, putting a lid on it saves 4 times less electricity or gas,” notes Ingrid Szepetiuk. For hand dishes, place a basin in the sink to limit the amount of water used.

In the bathroom: elimination of dissolved water

In the shower, 1 liter of water leaves in 15 seconds. Spend a maximum of 5 minutes in the shower and interrupt when soaping. Same for hands, soap up and turn off the water before turning it back on to rinse. Installing an aerator or a faucet vent will reduce water flow. For a shower with a 50% reduction in flow, it is up to 160 euros in savings per year.

Other tips suggested by Ingrid: “In the toilet, put a 1.5 liter bottle to save 1.5 liters of water every time you flush. And for the teeth, we take a cup to avoid waste.”

An emergency plan for energy shelter

The Mon Appart’Eco project is more broadly part of an Emergency Housing Energy Plan (PULE) launched by the landlord ACM Habitat and which is part of the action of the city and metropolis of Montpellier in the face of the energy crisis. Among the 9 measures of the plan, “the replacement of 3,000 toaster heaters with new generation radiators will be completed on January 3,” announced Michel Calvo, president of ACM Habitat, and another 5,000 will be replaced within a year. That installation of 1000 Voltalis boxes, allowing to regulate electricity consumption, will be completed at the end of February, there is still a lot to do, we will take other measures, it works, it is effective.”

In the living room: watch out for appliances on standby

Television, phone charger, devices that stay on standby all day consume a lot. “An internet box on all night consumes 25% of the energy unnecessarily, it’s huge”, notes the expert. According to the figures of the French Agency for the Management of the Environment and Energy (Ademe*), in 24 hours a day, it consumes as much as a refrigerator in a year. The device with multiple outlets is also a good idea to better manage the disappearance of devices.

Home: step one, turn down the heat

Heating is what consumes the most and burdens the bill the most. It is recommended to maintain a temperature of 19°C during the day at home, 16°C at night in the bedrooms. “One more degree represents an additional 7% on the electricity bill”, emphasizes the specialist. Closing the shutters and drawing the curtains at night prevents heat loss. There are many other tricks to be discovered until the end of March in Antigone’s apart’eco.

Ingrid Szepetiuk, advisor for ecological gestures at ACM Habitat, welcomes visitors from Monday to Friday at Antigone’s apart’eco.

Ingrid Szepetiuk, consultant for ecological gestures: “Changing the way you act”

What are the most common bad habits?

We tend to use the oven instead of the microwave, to leave the fridge open while we choose what to have. Also, we often forget to disconnect devices on standby, such as the Internet box, TV, game consoles… They are small gestures to change, because they make us consume a lot.

How do you help people consume less?

First I try to understand their habits, then I see how to improve their eco-shares and give them advice, depending on their situation.

What do you say to them to make them feel guilty?

Being informed is already taking the first step towards changing the way you operate. Do not hesitate to talk to friends and relatives, ask for advice, come and visit Antigone’s showroom apartment. Just start changing small gestures to save and over time it becomes spontaneous.

My Appart’Eco Antigone is open to the public from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 17:00, until March 31, 2023. 44, place du Millénaire. Free entry. Playful virtual tour possible with 3D helmet.

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