Google launches virtual reality shopping for beauty products and shoes

Google announced augmented reality (AR) shopping features., such as a photo library to help you choose the right shade of foundation and the opportunity to try on the sneakers practically at home. Recently, Google search has also been enriched with a visual experience.

See the new features announced in detail below.

Find your foundation shade

owing to A new AR shopping feature introduced by Google, it’s much easier to find the right base. The new photo collection, which was created with the help of cosmetics companies, features 148 models representing a variety of skin tones, ages, genders, face shapes, ethnicities and skin types.

This library, powered by Google technology, is a big step in transforming the way people buy cosmetics online by making it easier for you to see how different products will look on you.

Here’s how it works

Use Google to find a foundation shade at a variety of costs and manufacturers. To help you decide which one is best for you, you’ll see how this foundation looks on models with similar skin tones to yours, including before and after photos. Once you’ve found the foundation that’s right for you, all you have to do is choose a dealer to buy it from.

According to Google, foundation photos on mannequins don’t always reflect the variety of shoppers, and sometimes you can only find images of the packaging. Therefore it is difficult to find the right shade and the right product. More than 60% of online beauty shoppers decided not to buy an item because they weren’t sure which shade to choose, and 41% returned an item because it was the wrong shade.

Try the products in 3D and virtual reality

Google is helping customers find more things using 3D and augmented reality. Similar to home product offerings in AR, now you can buy sneakers in AR. Starting today, you can scroll, zoom, and view shoes in your area to decide if the color, laces, or sole match your style.

Users can start viewing products from Saucony, VANS and Merrell now, with more coming soon. It was also clarified that any brand with 3D assets for footwear or home appliances can now participate. Just search for a type of shoe.

Brands have a significant opportunity with 3D images, which engage shoppers 50% more than static images. Google revealed in September that it was investing in new technology to create 3D shoe models, a time-consuming and costly process for businesses.

According to Google, visiting a store cannot be replaced. However, these features can help you get there when you can’t. They will continue to make online shopping more realisticso you can shop with confidence and feel like you’re there.

Commenting on the announcement, Danielle Buckley, Product Manager, Consumer Acquisition, said:

There’s something special about shopping in a store: the lights, the smells, the music. While we can’t experience all of these small details when shopping online, we’re making big improvements to virtual reality shopping at Google to bring the most important part of a store, the product, to life.

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