Giving seniors a choice in their housing


Gone are the days when the only horizon was the retirement home. The range of accommodation for aging is in full expansion. In particular, with a boom in so-called “alternative” solutions.

To open up the field of possibilities, Métropole supports supportive, shared, intergenerational and inclusive housing… To this end, it has launched a Joint living support. By 2029, 14 million euros will be dedicated 42 projects where 342 elderly people and 280 people with disabilities will be accommodated.

New ways of living

Their philosophy: to fight against isolation by living together while having their own private space. There will be no single model. The idea is to imagine with future tenants a home that meets their wants and needs. This can be shared accommodation, group housing in a building, close apartments with a common area near …

Some are already working:

  • Shared housing for the elderly in the United States District of Lyon 8. Five social housing units are reserved for elderly immigrants and isolated for roommates. All 10 roommates enjoy a shared space in the social center.
  • In Gerland21 immigrants and 4 elderly people with disabilities share the grouped habitat of Aralis Foundation : 25 furnished apartments with one bedroom and a shared activity room.
  • Vill’Age Feel Croix-Rousse reserves 24 two- and three-bedroom apartments for seniors in a building inhabited by young people and families. Collective space? It’s on the first floor, it is solidarity cafe dad.
  • In Caluire-et-Cuire, St. Clare’s House shared by 8 elderly people and 12 deaf and hard of hearing people.

Others are planned:

  • Within two months, in Limonest, Blandine’s house will open the doors of its 22 senior apartments, 4 student studios and together a garden, a kitchen, a living room and a terrace.
  • Ein 2024, in Lyon 4, The House of Diversity will provide 15 accommodations for 14 seniors and one student, LGBTQ+. The living room, activity space, guest bedroom and laundry room, all shared, will be open to neighborhood residents.

  • Most seniors remain independent! Only 8% of over 60s are addicted. And only 1 in 5 people after 85.

    © Thierry Fournier // Metropolis of Lyon

Residences in harmony with the times

Even the 63 autonomous residences of the metropolis cultivate this balance between the private and the collective. The so-called house-houses offer small private apartments that have everything from classic accommodation. What changes are the collective spaces: the restaurant, the services, the presence 24 hours when needed and above all the activities. Their objective? Firmly anchoring tenants in city life and helping them stay fit.

  • residences Buyer Barthelemy IN Lyons 9, offers memory workshops, wellness workshops and creates projects with a Montessori school and a vocational high school.
  • The same opening for young people for residency Simon Rousseau IN Fontaines-sur-Saone, opened in 2019 right next to a nursery and a training school. The residence also organizes conferences on art, physical activity, actions for blue week, open to all seniors in the area.
  • On the side of Saint Fons, the Les Cèdres residence focuses on innovation: touch screens and interactive terminals are available in the common areas; a “speed” experiment was conducted to combine physical activity and memory stimulation…
  • Others try, as in Tassin-la-Demi-Lunevirtual reality helmets or equine therapy.

Icing on the cake: 5 autonomous residences in the metropolis also offer temporary accommodationwhen you need an airlock to recover from hospitalization before returning home, or when carers need a break.

Finding suitable accommodation

  • Giving seniors a choice in their housing

    Cosmetic beauty workshop and animation with the elderly of the Plaisance residence in Décines, during the Blue Week of October 2022.

    © Thierry Fournier // Metropolis of Lyon

Staying at home, the first choice

8 out of 10 seniors want to age in place. This includes adapting the accommodation: widening the openings, motorizing the shutters, installing an access ramp, creating a bright path to find your way when you wake up at night… To find your way around, place your files and build the Project , funds Métropole Soliha. With its bus that crosses the territory, the association raises awareness and shows what can be done to age well at home. In her office, she helps build the adaptation project, mobilize aid and provide technical advice. On average, it takes 6 months between quotes, getting help and getting the job done. Don’t wait for it to become urgent!

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Good idea for isolated seniors

“I take care of my parents” service.

When loved ones are geographically distant, caught up in their daily lives, when contact is reduced, postman home visits break the loneliness of the elderly. A regular, familiar and reassuring presence that plays with the health and morale of our seniors, relieves caregivers and reassures families. The paid service “I take care of my parents” is offered by La Poste, 100 people use it in Metropolitan France. 0 800 000 011

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