“GéronTech” at the service of the elderly and caregivers

Gerontechnologies will be present at the 10th edition of the Silver Economy Expo: connected robot that accompanies the elderly in their daily life, exoskeletons that protect the back of employees, automatic fall detectors, devices that use virtual reality to reduced pain and anxiety or virtual travel. .

“Gérontech” at the service of the elderly and caregivers

See you on November 29 and 30 at the Silver Economy Expo, Paris, Porte de Versailles.

From the connected robot that accompanies the elderly in their daily life, to exoskeletons that protect the backs of employees, through automatic fall detectors, devices that use virtual reality to reduce pain and anxiety or virtual trips, the horizon is the tower of several gerotechnologies that not to be missed during this 10th edition of the Silver Economy Expo.

Exhibition of services and technologies for the elderly, to prepare society for aging and longevity. The 10th edition is organized together with the Salon des services à la personne et de l’emploi à domicile, on November 29 and 30, 2022 in Paris, Porte de Versailles.

Salon des services à la personne et de l’emploi à domicile has been aimed since 2007 at individuals, professionals and employees in this sector. It has become the annual event of the profession.

Here is a selection of the innovations presented at the show.

Robots at the service of the elderly

Emobot: Monitoring behavior and emotions, in EHPAD, hospital or at home, by Artificial Intelligence.

A behavioral and emotional monitoring device for nursing homes, hospitals and the home, Emobot helps identify weak signals of behavioral disturbance and warning signs of psycho-emotional disorders (depression, dementia, anxiety, etc.)

Cabin A 42

PARO: Emotional Therapeutic Assistance Robot

PARO can act in communication, social interaction and behavioral disorders, or during daily care. It should enable the reduction of the medication of certain patients. PARO is equipped with multiple motors and sensors that allow it to move its head, blink its eyes, move its tail and activate its two fins.

Stand C16, at the Gérond’If stand, Ile-de-France gérontopôle

Friend: life companion, guardian and helper

In the service of good aging at home or in an institution, Buddy is a life companion, a caregiver and an assistant. Comforting and soothing presence, Safety, Social connection, Cognitive stimulation, Fun…

New Buddy: games and animations, links to connected health objects to enhance, ensure and extend support at home, companion mode and cognitive stimulation.

Stand D06 at the Personal Services Fair

Fall detection solutions

Each year, 2 million falls in the elderly cause 10,000 deaths. It is the leading cause of accidental death in people over 65. 50% of elderly people who fall do not know how to get up on their own.

Viadome: Remote assistance without a button – automatic fall detection

Cabin E 46

MDsense: Fall Detection Radar

The MDsense sensor is installed on the walls inside the apartment. This new generation of sensors makes it possible to immediately detect a fall without having to carry an object on you to sound the alarm.

Booth E 51 of the Silver Economy Show (Essence SmartCare)

Vayyar Care: Advanced remote monitoring technology

Once installed, the device scans the room like a radar and knows if people are standing, sitting or lying down. This is how any falls are identified.

Vayyar Care’s innovations go beyond fall discovery. They also make it possible to track bed exits, extended ground stations, movements in different rooms.

Cabin E 47

Help for professionals and carers:

Any passive exoskeleton

Each exoskeleton, marketed by the company Exofair, helps with all tasks that involve lifting heavy loads or awkward positions when the user has a bent back. The exoskeleton uses manually compressed air to provide assistance without motors or electricity.

Stand C16, at the Gérond’If stand, Ile-de-France gérontopôle

Given.W active exoskeleton

The Japet.W active exoskeleton was developed by startup company Japet Medical Devices. It was created for intensive back rehabilitation and then its use was extended to industrial use for performing difficult tasks. It makes it possible to reduce the difficulty of tasks with severe lower back restrictions, to prevent the occurrence of lower back pain and to maintain and promote return to work.

Stand C16, at the Gérond’If stand, Ile-de-France gérontopôle


Hygiene: Toilet set for shower

Water jet for intimate hygiene in full autonomy for the elderly or disabled. Stand: Silver Valley Village

Practical innovation

Belovia: Electromedical Expander for Professionals.

Medical device that aims to facilitate the fitting of compression stockings, reduce musculoskeletal disorders for caregivers with simple use.

Cabin D55

Examples of innovations by topic:

  • Health/care pathway support: Emobot, Ludenvi, Monka Care
  • Mobility aid: Sporthopéo, Ergoflix
  • Personal Help: Hello Louis, Dear Helpy, Ezio
  • Home furnishings/equipment: Hygienic, Viadome
  • Saving social links: Bonjour Henry, Easy-Visio, Elpmi, Karevi, Mamie Lucette, Mémorable
  • Intergenerational solutions: Colibree Intergeneration
  • Preventive solutions/services: Age Impulse, CentinelCare, Belovia, Happy End, Sipad, Zoe Care
  • Physical and/or cognitive stimulation: Mentia Europe, Sparkdfitness
  • Telemedicine: TokTok Doc

Villages and their future parts of the silver economy.

The village of Gerontopôles

This village brings together 4 gerontopôles (Auvergne-Rhône Alpes, Bourgogne-Franche Comté, Ile de France, Nouvelle Aquitaine) and the start-ups they support. The opportunity for visitors to discover the supporting actions in favor of innovation for the elderly carried out by the gerontopolis.

Silver Valley Village

Silver Valley is Europe’s leading innovation center dedicated to longevity.

This village brings together about twenty member companies of Silver Valley such as Autonomia, Bonjour Henry, Emobot, HappyVisio, Linkia, 2′ de bonheur….

The original village

Because entrepreneurship and innovation contribute to the dynamism of a sector, the Silver Economy Expo has created a village of start-ups, bringing together structures that undertake to improve the lives of the elderly. Such as Artora, Conferentia, Happy End, Immortaliz, Ma Fabrique à Journal and TokTokDoc.

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