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The adult entertainment industry is a fast-growing market, with revenues approaching $15 billion by 2021, a figure that puts it on par with big names like netflix, Amazon or NBA.

New virtual reality tools connected to blockchain technology should bring a new boost to this industry. ABOUT Media Totem, a pioneering player in the virtual reality gaming industry, the integration of blockchain and NFTs became apparent very quickly, to develop both its customer base and its activities. Totem Media has created an entire universe called the metaverse Dolz.iooffering collectors and players the opportunity to purchase one-of-a-kind, one-token NFT, $DOLZ, as the engine of the ecosystem.

Dolz, a project with strong foundations that combines digital and blockchain

Unlike other blockchain projects that start from scratch, Dolz.io benefits from the experience of Totem Media, which has been present in the adult digital entertainment market for almost 20 years. The privileged position of Totem Media has allowed it to cooperate with big names in the sector such as steam, Playboy or Gamma-Entertainment.

The company is well positioned in this segment, as evidenced by the success of its two main platforms: iStripper, the adult software with 20 million downloads, and VR Paradise, a 3D VR strip club that ranks in the top 20 of SteamVR sales. since 2018, with a multiplayer mode in development, hosted by its 150,000 members.

Totem Media has an active community of 300,000 customers while its Discord channel continues to attract new users every day.

At the heart of the metaverse, the $DOLZ token

$DOLZ will be the central element of the entire project application ecosystem. It will especially be used to unlock exclusive advantages in the iStripper universe and the VR Paradise game, as well as partner games and apps.

It will also allow the purchase of NFT mystery boxes and will be the main medium of exchange in the future NFT market of this universe. 40 minutes of gameplay will be included in each NFT, which will be categorized into four different rarity levels: Limited, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Each customer will be able to have a VR museum, which can be shared with other VR Paradise users or on social networks.

$DOLZ holders will be able to stake their tokens to receive rewards. Also planned is the creation of liquidity pools, to acquire BabyDolz, another dedicated non-tradable token, or NFT.

The implementation of a DAO is being prepared and this governance system based on the $DOLZ token will strengthen user engagement: they will be able to vote for the next iStripper map, the next DLC VR Paradise, the next collection of NFTs and in general, to participate in the future development of DOLZ games, applications and metaverses.

$DOLZ is an Ethereum-based token built into the Polygon blockchain for scalability purposes and its total supply is 1,000,000,000 units.

A highly anticipated pre-sale by investors

The enthusiasm of the user community could make the $DOLZ presale one of the most successful launch rounds this year. For those who wish to participate, the operation will take place in two stages:

  • The first pre-sale phase will take place between November 23 and December 7, 2022. During this phase, the price of $1 DOLZ will be $0.008 with a 10-month purchase period. The minimum investment will be $250 and the maximum threshold will be $20,000. $140,000,000 DOLZ will go up for sale.
  • The second round will be organized immediately after, from December 07, 2022 to January 04, 2023. The price of $1 DOLZ will then be $0.012, with a release of 50% at listing, 50% after 1 month, no acquisition of rights. $260,000,000 DOLZ will be offered for sale, for a minimum purchase amount of $100, there will be no maximum amount.

All presale participants will enjoy many benefits, including 2 exclusive NFTs (Legendary & Epic). They will also be able to enjoy increased APR income on equity pools and early access to NFT first discounts.

At the end of this second phase, the $DOLZ token will be listed on one of the most popular decentralized exchanges in the market, Exchange.

It should be noted that 60% of Totem Media’s customers are American, but for regulatory reasons this majority of users will not be able to participate in the presale, which may create buying pressure during the listing.

In addition, many measures are planned to support the price of $DOLZ after its listing: the token will be deflationary, and the mechanisms of burning, conditioning and redistribution to the community should increase the price significantly.

Exclusive benefits associated with the Dolz brand

As mentioned above, $DOLZ holders will enjoy exclusive benefits on the VRParadise.com and iStripper.com platforms, as well as with all Totem Media partners. These benefits will help create a personalized experience for each user through:

  • The possibility of managing your club, with many options for customizing performances, thanks to NFTs, items and unique outfits;
  • Sharing the collection thanks to the multiplayer mode with your friends and in the metaverse;
  • Access to exclusive content in the form of NFTs is only available to $DOLZ holders on iStripper.com;
  • Access to previews on iStripper.com, the interactive mobile app and VR shows;
  • Various discounts;
  • Unique software and map skins.

Follow project news at:

Website: http://www.dolz.io
Tweet: https://twitter.com/Dolz_official
Dispute: https://twitter.com/Dolz_official
Instagram: https://twitter.com/Dolz_official
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/dolz/
Telegram English: https://t.me/dolzchat
French Telegram: https://t.me/dolzchatfr
Telegram News: https://t.me/dolznews

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