10 Cheap Cryptocurrencies with Big Upside Potential for 2023

Buying newly encrypted and cheap cryptocurrencies gives investors the opportunity to make a profit in the short term.

The key is to buy an asset at the right time and consider the risk appropriately. There are hundreds of tokens in the cryptocurrency market and new projects are appearing every day. Therefore it is often difficult to decide on cryptocurrencies with potential.

However, to guide you on these investments, BeInCrypto has compiled a list of cheap cryptocurrencies with great potential for 2023. Caution, investors should remember to do their research before committing their capital and notpour in how much they can lose!

Cheapest cryptocurrencies:

  • D2T – a cryptocurrency that could experience strong growth in 2023.
  • IMPT – a completely environmentally friendly mark.
  • RIA – a cryptocurrency for a fantastic card game with its own ecosystem.
  • TAMA – a memecoin that demonstrates real utility and a defined project.
  • UNI – our personal pick of the best cryptocurrency to buy in 2023.
  • COMP – a coin we believe will be among the top performers in 2023.
  • ApeCoin – one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on this list for pour in in the year 2023.
  • XRP – one of the best tokens to buy in 2023.
  • ETH – a cryptocurrency with huge growth potential in 2023.

D2T sign

Dash 2 Trade is a project still in its infancy. However, it has already managed to attract the attention of investors. It currently has a community of about 70,000 inhabitants.

The main purpose of Dash 2 Trade is to simplify the trading process. To do this, the platform provides access to a wide range of tools. For example, users will be able to track social sentiment regarding new tokens. In this way, they will be able to more easily recognize cryptocurrencies with high potential. On the project’s website, users will also be able to follow the start of pre-sales and quotations of selected coins on the exchange.

The platform has its own D2T token with which users can subscribe to the platform. Investors will even have the opportunity to buy the token at the minimum price. By January 31 or in case of exhaustion of currently available tokens, the first phase will end. Then, the second phase of this pre-sale will begin with a slight price increase. Investors can buy the token in three ways: using ETH, USDT or by credit card (initial exchange in USDT/ETH).

IMPT sign

TAX is an environmental token that aims to transform the carbon credit market. Currently, this sector is facing serious problems. The market is poorly regulated and as a result fraud is unfortunately all too common.

The IMPT project is based on a blockchain, which will guarantee the transparency of all transactions. Each carbon credit will be marked and converted to NFT, which will also eliminate reuse. After burning a carbon credit unit, the user will receive a unique eco-themed NFT as a reward.

The central element of the project will be IMPT land. Users will be able to take it to shop from eco-responsible brands. Currently, more than 10,000 well-known enterprises have already agreed to cooperate with the project. Currently, the cryptocurrency can be purchased at a minimum price of $0.018 per token. After completion of the pre-sale phasethe creators plan to list the token on exchanges.

RIA sign

Calvaria is a new cryptocurrency card game currently in the works. The developers are actively working on the project, introducing and implementing more new elements to the classic card game. As with all play-to-win games, players can earn winnings in the form of NFTs or purchase them as well.

RIA is now available for pre-order. At this point, the creators plan to release 300 million tokens, or 30% of the total supply. Players will be able to trade and sell in-game assets. Potentially, they can quickly capitalize the proceeds. Calvaria has the following benefits:

  • Any user can start playing Calvaria, regardless of level and skill.
  • From the start, players can assemble their own deck of cards without having to pay for an NFT.
  • Potential increase in token price.


Although the Tamadog sign is one memecoin, has its benefits. Holders of the coin will be able to earn tokens in the cryptocurrency game and spend them to purchase various items. Digital currency will be part of the entire ecosystem.

In the near future, the creators plan to release a game in which users can cultivate a virtual animal. When he becomes an adult, players will be able to compete in an arena and earn tokens with each victory.

The project has already attracted the interest of investors during the first phase of the project presale. Since then, investments have accumulated to $19 million.

Each phase of the pre-sale coincided with an increase in the price of the token. Another significant growth in value occurred after the start of its first listings on the stock exchanges, centralized and decentralized.

The project also plans to create its own metaverse, complete with 3D renderings of each NFT pet.

UNI token

UNI is one of the best cryptocurrencies for investors and deserves attention now. It is a leader in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. Decentralized exchanges (DEX) connect buyers and sellers so that they can transact directly with each other.


Developers have been constantly making changes to improve usability and accelerate adoption in the cryptocurrency market. One of the latest is the introduction of Optimism support, thanks to which the project has gained a number of advantages:

  • Ability to pay gas charges at any token.
  • Scalability.
  • Making instant payments.
  • Reduction of transaction costs.

COMP token

COMP Token is another digital currency that deserves the attention of investors. It is also a leader among cryptocurrency platforms in the DeFi market and is growing rapidly.

Compound Vault was recently introduced to Compound, which is only intended for financial institutions. After joining, these institutions have the opportunity to earn up to 4% interest in USD.

The introduction of this technology will make it possible to deliver cash in room COMP. The Compound project now has a good chance to become one of the best crypto platforms in the world.

Aave is a direct competitor as it is a popular lending platform with great products for digital currency holders.


ApeCoin is another cryptocurrency with a lot of interest for the coming year 2023. It may explode in the market as soon as the year turns. It is a cheap cryptocurrency that is popular with buyers. ApeCoin is the token used to operate the Ape DAO linked to the collection Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT.

monkey corner

Rumors that Bored Ape Yacht Club had plans to launch its own metaverse, had fueled investor excitement about the cryptocurrency. ApeCoin holders can use the tokens to transact within the project.

ApeCoin is built on ERC-20. The project’s founders are now using the token to expand the platform’s capabilities, in addition to encouraging the creation of a decentralized community in Web 3.0.


Proponents insist that the value of the XRP token will multiply many times in the near future. The temporary price stagnation is largely due to the ongoing litigation between the SEC and Ripple. After its completion, the value of XRP can begin grow strongly.

Ripple is a global platform that facilitates money transfers. Currently, the main users of the project are large financial institutions. Its main goal is to enter the banking system and increase the availability of blockchain-based cash payment technologies.

Another important feature of the XRP coin is that it has long been in the top 3 tokens by market capitalization.


The price of ETH is higher compared to other coins on the list. However, it is currently among the top 10 projects in which pour in in early 2023. Ethereum is a global decentralized network that was launched in 2015.

The platform’s currency has rapidly gained popularity and is currently ranked second in terms of market capitalization, just behind Bitcoin.

The most recent development of the platform was the transition to Ethereum 2.0. Thanks to this improvement, the project has become more environmentally friendly. Switching to a stock test system reduced energy consumption by 99%.

However, the price of Ethereum is still far behind that of Bitcoin. Tall bear market, he had a big fall. However, when the market starts to recover, investors expect the asset to rise significantly.

Why is it worth buying cheap cryptocurrencies now?

Unlike fiat currency, digital currency is rarely stable. Some currencies can lose or gain value in just a few hours. However, pour in in crypto-currencies there are advantages:

  • The right coins can have huge growth potential: When choosing a token, you should pay attention to the type of blockchain it is based on, as well as how easy the project is to use.
  • The possibility ofpour in with minimal investment: Most promising projects currently sell their tokens at the lowest possible price, which makes it possible to start pour in in cryptocurrencies with minimal investment and risk.
  • The ability to choose a currency of particular interest to users: Currently, many different types of projects use cryptocurrencies. These include environmental projects, metaverse, Web3, NFT and many others.

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