the French more and more players

A study published by the French Observatory of Drugs and Addictive Trends (OFDT) shows that the French are increasingly interested in online gambling.

Since the health crisis, the French seem to have become fond of sports betting, lotteries and luck, as the OFDT survey shows.

Lottery games remain the most popular gambling games Page : almost seven out of ten players (67%) have bet on this activity during the year, which includes scratch and draw games (played evenly). Next come sports betting (50%), eSports games (33%) and poker (32%).

Almost one in five players (17%) have already wagered on three different gambling activities

Casino games (slot machines and table games) and horse betting are in last place. Remember that casino games (with the exception of poker) and electronic sports are not subject to a regulated offer in France (there is no online gaming operator authorized to offer these games): players who bet on these types of games in 2021 (48%) therefore, by definition, went to ‘illegal’ sites. For other gaming activities whose supply is regulated by public authorities (poker betting, sports and horse racing, lottery games), players say they mostly go to regulated sites.

Playing several types of games is very common: two out of three players said they bet on at least two different activities. Almost one in five players (17%) have wagered on three different gambling activities.

The average player profile remains predominantly male (71%)

59% of respondents claim to have played for the first time in the last twelve months and online lottery games are the most popular with nearly seven in ten players betting during the year. back, we find sports betting (50%), eSports games (33%) and poker (32%). Casino games and horse betting take the last place.

As far as games of chance and chance are concerned, only lotteries and sports betting are adapted to a legal offer in France. Access to eSports games, in particular, is on illegal sites.

Women play more lottery games than men

Online gambling is a predominantly male activity (71% of respondents). There are other important differences in participation. Women play lottery games more than men: 85% of respondents said they had played a draw or scratch card game online compared to 60% of men. In contrast, men play more sports betting (57% vs. 33% of female players) and poker (35% vs. 25% of women). Similarly, men play more eSports or casino games. On the other hand, betting practices in horse racing or slot games are not very differentiated by gender.

In the third quarter of 2020, there was a 115% increase in the number of players between the ages of 18 and 24. An audience that dreams of ending up on online poker or sports betting sites.

Higher education graduates seem to be in the majority

Finally, among online gamers, higher education graduates seem to be in the majority, adds the study by the French Observatory of Drugs and Addiction Trends.

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