Quadruple play internet box: Advantages and disadvantages

Want to save on the cost of your internet and mobile plans? Opting for a Quadruple play internet box is definitely tempting. But is it worth it?

of internet and mobile plans represent a significant part of the monthly expenses of the French. That said, we’re always looking for ways and means to whereas money. And there are no offers that operators lack. The latter offer different ranges in their offers to make it easier for consumers. This is an example of Quadruple Game Internet Box. Long available from most mobile operators, the offer makes it possible subscribe to four services from the same provider. In addition to preventing the distribution of the subscriber, what are the others advantages and disadvantages of this offer ? Aren’t there drawbacks? We take a tour in this article.

What is the Quadruple play Internet Box offer and who is it for?

Offered by some operators, Quadruple play internet box offeris a specific offer that is determined by comprehensive subscription . Instead of going subscribe to a mobile plan at SFR, an internet package at Bouygues, TV at Orange and landline elsewhere, Quadruple play brings it all together in one place. So you can subscribe to all these services with a single operator and pay a single cost of subscription. In terms of management, it is one simplification measurewhich prevents you from branching out and having only one contract to manage.

It is clear that the Quadruple play Internet Box offer is not for everyone. For example, this isn’t for you if you don’t need a fixed TV and phone plan. In this case, select an internet box without TV is the best option for you.

What is the Quadruple play Internet Box offer and who is it for?

Moreover, it must be recognized that the offer is more suitable for professionals, instead of individuals. But it can also be suitable for all people who don’t want to mess with several operators. This offer allows you to have onlya single point of contact for all subscriptions . Which is really helpful.

it comprehensive solutionit’s a convenient way for users to get all the services they need from a single provider.

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What are the advantages of Quadruple Play Internet Box?

Quadruple play Internet Box has not failed to find followers, because it is one favorable offer at several levels .

One bill to rule them all

You hate it many bills at the end of the month for your internet and mobile subscription? The Quadruple Play offer will definitely make your life easier. In effect, the convenience of having all four services in one place is attractive for many people. This makes it possible to have a single bill and pay service charges in one go.

However, you should make sure that the selected operator actually provides a receipt for all these services. A few years ago, the operator SFR continued to offer one invoice for each of the services included in the offer. However, this offered the advantage of terminating services one at a time.

One bill to rule them all

Savings every month

The other argument that made the Quadruple play Internet Box popular is the savings it allows every month. Indeed, by grouping services, operators have applied discounts on certain packages,including internet and mobile offering. Depending on your provider, you may receive between 10 and 20 euros discount on your subscriptions every month. But it also depends on the options included in the offer.

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A variety of interesting options

Overall, the Box Quadruple game offer offers interesting options. The mobile plan of some operators includes, for example, unlimited data or 70 to 100 GB on 4G+ or 5G. of calls are also unlimited to mobiles and landlines in France, USA, Canada, overseas territories and to landlines in many other destinations.

As for the internet box, you generally benefit from Wi-Fi 6or upload speed varies between 500 and 600 Mb/s; of Downlink fluctuates between 1 and 2 Gb/s. However, you won’t have a choice between an ADSL or fiber box. It really depends on your accommodation. You can consult with fiber card to check the suitability of your accommodation.

Finally, for TV, you can enjoy up to 230 channels. Which is more than enough to watch good programs.

What are the disadvantages of Quadruple play internet box?

There are no shortage of disadvantages of the Quadruple play internet box.

Sometimes useless options

As we said earlier, the quadruple play internet box offer it is only useful if the 4 services included in the range are essential to you. If you can only switch from one of them, it is more beneficial to subscribe to a triple play offer or separate packages. Otherwise, you create unnecessary expenses.

If you already had a subscription to Canal+ or Molotov.tv, it is better to choose an internet box without TV.

Unlimited is sometimes limited

Hidden fees

When we want to subscribe to a service, we are lazy read the general conditions of sale. This is a mistake that should not be made here, because the displayed prices are often hidden additional fees. For example, the option of recording programs from the TV decoder is billed by certain operators. This is also the case for installation and termination. The quadruple game is actually one package with dedication.

Unlimited is sometimes limited

With some carriers, packages are not truly unlimited. For calls for example, the number of correspondents is limited. The same applies to data exchanges that cannot exceed 1 GB or even 500 MB with operators.

The price is not always favorable

Before subscribing to the Quadruple Game, you must assess your needs . The bid price may sometimes exceed what you would pay for the same services separately. That’s why we said the offer is best suited for professionals.

Finally, if you’re thinking of buying a quad gaming internet box, make sure you shop around and compare different providers. It is essential that understand what each service includesand what the costs are before you make your decision.

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