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More and more startups are interested in the metaverse and what it has to offer. It is a new market that many companies want to capture at any cost. Discover these companies that have dared to try the meta-universe.

science fiction concept, metaverse, metaverse or even meta-universe is based on augmented reality, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Some companies like Facebook, today Meta with the desire to create a metaverse, see it as future internet and new business opportunity.

Metaverse, what is it?

There is no definition, strictly speaking, of the metaverse. It is a form internet innovationinterested in VR (Virtual Reality), in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and AR (Augmented Reality). Some features are familiar, such as the creation of a collective 3D universe where you can walk around thanks to an avatar and use virtual currency, like some existing video games. However, the metaverse goes further than that: the experience is meant to be immersive for the individual. The creation of a single economy is foreseen, already launched by NFT’s today. The Metaverse should be able to accommodate an unlimited number of users who will be able to roam around this new digital universe.

To talk about the metaverse is to talk about a virtual world whose design aims to replicate real life through avatars that can interact with each other. We can also mention some virtual worlds connected to the Internet in augmented reality. Often seen in movies like Ready Player Onethe metaverse presents a parallel world where everything is digitally materialized.

Metaverse could become, according to Mark Zuckerberg, the future “The Grail of Social Interactions”. It will be possible to perform countless activities from home. Whether it’s going to the movies or just having a drink with friends, the metaverse would offer an unimaginable field of possibilities.

Some start-ups have challenged themselves to focus their activity in the metaverse. Indeed, regardless of the technology, more and more companies are developing solutions in AI, VR or AR. Whatever the field, the goal is to create an immersive experience to give the impression that you are truly present in the virtual universe. This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs because it is the emergence of a new market. It is possible for any experience to be immersive thanks to the various technologies available. Many events have already taken place, such as the virtual concert of the American rapper Young Thug or the Metaverse Summit spectacle, which marks the advent of virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Why is it interesting for companies?

Companies are flocking to the metaverse market and it’s not for nothing. Indeed, the metauniverse offers countless possibilities. According to Studyrama, 33% of surveyed companies invest between 10 to 20% of their budget in the metaverse and 26% of brands are looking for one return on investment (ROI).

Since the health crisis, online shopping has evolved exponentially, which is why brands such as Gucci have decided to set up a boutique in the Metaverse. starting Take it pushes the concept even further by offering the creation of virtual salons. This could represent a whole new revenue stream for businesses. Equipment in augmented reality it may also be possible so that you can try a product at home to receive it afterwards.

Google, Ubisoft, Microsoft or even Apple have invested colossal amount IN the metaversefor according to these signs the metaverse represents web 3.0.

Just like in real life, it will be possible to display your possessions in this parallel universe. This is why some companies now offer an avatar creation service, such as Kinetix. This will influence to show his personality but also his social status, as in real life. It is a new market that will enable companies to sell their products because there will be a lot of demand, especially at the beginning.

Food can also be revolutionized by the metaverse. Recommendations, recipes or even immersion in the place of culture, it is possible to use food and drink to give consumers an immersive experience, such as by AR Wine Labels, offering wine bottle labeling with augmented reality. This added value can greatly increase the value of a product and make the consumer want to buy it.

In the metaverse, anything is possible

According to a study by Grand View Research, the metaverse market is expected to reach $678.8 billion by 2030 (Source: The activities to do are almost endless. Indeed, it will be possible to organize meetings or conferences directly on a metaverse platform. For your professional speeches, you will also be able to get help with oral communication. This is what the start-up is VocaCoach offers, with training services tailored to all thanks to artificial intelligence.

In the field of training, innovations are already underway. Soon it will be possible to offer it to your employees innovative training in the metaverse. Skillco offers virtual reality e-learning videos to provide an immersive experience for companies. Companies are also interested in telecommuting, which would allow an employee to be present at work while staying at home.

Organize your business events in the metaverse like trade shows or conferences. Rlty, for example, is an event-driven startup aiming to expand into the metaverse. You can secure your address book like in real life and even create an even more breathtaking stay for much less.

However, the metaverse may also have potential as a sports coach. This is what you want Agon, a start-up promoting personal sports training through virtual reality. This can be an ideal opportunity for a team session with your team.

It’s a real race against time to be the first in this metaverse market. It’s true that first come is often first served, but those who are more innovative will stand out. The projects in which companies invest the most are of cryptocurrencytelework and NFT.

The new communication channel, companies will be able to engage consumers by providing exclusive content to the metaverse, which will have the effect of making products unique or even luxurious to make consumers want to buy them those.

An opportunity in a new market

Many people are already interested in the metaverse. This is an opportunity for start-ups to reach a large audience thanks to various established innovations. This new market attracts companies that can sell innovative products striking their target heart.

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