LET’S TALK VR! Overcoming excess weight using VR and Pimax Crystal and Frontier quick test (LIVE video at 21:00)

As you may know, we talk about virtual reality several times a week on our channel to YouTube. Through our various live streams and videos, we cover everything related to VR, be it in hardware, apps, games or even in its everyday use.

Tonight at 9pm. in “Let’s talk VR! »we invite you to address a topic that worries many of us, obesity. Indeed, in France (figures from a study by The Obesity Link published in 2021), no less than half of adults are overweight or obese. As for the youngest, the finding is also impressive with 34% of children aged 2 to 7 years, 21% of 8 to 17 year olds and 9.2% of 18 to 24 year olds being in the same situation. Note that over the past ten years, these numbers have increased. This study also showed that obesity problems have social and geographic origins.. Disadvantaged populations and urban areas are most affected and workers and employees are twice as affected as managers. From the side of their children, the difference is even more pronounced with a ratio of four. Finally, the percentage of overweight people is not the same depending on the region. Normandy (22.1%), Hauts-de-France (21.2%) and Grand Est (19.8%) have more and Pays de la Loire (14.4%) and Île-de-France (14.2%) have less.

To fight overweight and obesity,World Health Organization (WHO) advocated the things you all know: consume better (less sugars and lipids), eat more fruits and vegetables and do physical activity. It is precisely at this last point that our topic of the day “To beat excess weight using VR” is decided. For many people, playing sports is not always easy. You have to find time between family life, work, transport and above all have a solid motivation, especially if we are alone. Likewise, going to the gym is not accessible to everyone, either because of the cost or the support of the gaze of others, which is not often kind to those who are overweight. We must not forget people with extreme obesity, who can no longer move, not even stand up and, therefore, are very limited, even deprived of physical exercise.

So, this is where a VR headset, like the Meta Quest 2, can provide support and we will make you discover, this evening, two guests who will testify to you in this sense. First, Pierre-Alexandre, weighed about 140 kg, lived not so badly and bought himself a VR headset for “fun”. He realized over the days that playing in VR had made him lose weight. Second, Sébastien, is in a more extreme case with a weight exceeding 200 kg. You will discover, listening this evening, how he, who can no longer stand up, accumulates health problems that have brought about, in part, his obesity, finding with his VR headset a new physical breath and psychic.

In the second part of the show, we will return to a lighter topic with a first approach to VR headsets from Pimax: Pimax Frontier and Pimax Crystal. The Chinese company is currently on a European tour and one of our members was able to test both headphones in Berlin this weekend. Of course, as always, we’ll answer your questions via live chat.

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