here’s the fine you risk by buying a fake online

Black Friday 2022: one in two French people take part

Because it causes a rush every last Friday in November, Black Fridaywhich falls on November 25 this year is an opportunity for many people fraudulent pages efraudulent consumers. In France, 70% of online shoppers plan to take part in Black Friday, according to a survey by the Toluna Harris Interactive Institute for Fevad (held from October 28 to November 2, 2022). Everyone, no matter how careful, can be a victimInternet scams unknowingly buying a counterfeit item. That would cost him dearly.

To arrive Christmas shopping and alleviate the economic crisis in France, Black Friday is self-evident for more than one in two French people (62%) according to Oberlo. A boon to the fashion industry, whose turnover should increase by 30% during this period. In general, this does not prevent dealers and manufacturers from fearing the illegal sale of forgeries.

Beware of counterfeiting during Black Friday 2022

Tempting offers and unusual promotions are a godsend for unscrupulous sellers who do not hesitate to deceive consumers by selling them fakes Can we read in the press release from the Union of Manufacturers (Unifab). Association which combating the trade in counterfeit goods and which brings together more than 200 companies in France, warns against “RISK” for the health, environment and economics associated with often non-recyclable counterfeits.

Their production is the source of massive releases of toxic products into nature “and their expedition would be an environmental disaster given the many routes taken around the world” to blurtraces“.

How to recognize a fake?

To be sure do not buy counterfeit products AND avoid scams during an online shopping session, it is necessary to ensure the credibility of the site. Check if it is safe, analyze its location, find out its business identification number if it is not known, but also compare the prices with those charged by other sellers.

Other steps include attention to detail (stitching, finishing, line symmetry, materials used, colors, etc.), labeling (which must be consistent, free of spelling errors, of good quality and must feature logos that certify compliance with European standards such as CE and/or national standards such as NF).

Valuable information to detect fraudulent sites like and that we had reported in line with the real brand UGG. “The presence of counterfeit products on the market is a sad reality for many luxury brands, including UGG” said Brittany Lewis, UGG PR & Communications Manager, to our reporter.

+62% counterfeits seized by customs in France in 2021

Buying counterfeit products means endorsing what we condemn and endangering the collective efforts we must make to protect the environment. underlines Christian Peugeot, president of Unifab, at a time when 80% of young Europeans feel concerned about preserving the planet” (according to a study conducted in February 2022 by the institute ObSoCo for Greenpeace France, editor’s note).

In 2021, 9.1 million fakes were seized from the customs market in France (+62% articles compared to 2020) representing more than 115.4 tons against 88.72 tons in 2020 (+ 30%) according to annual customs report. A very sad business, which would cause the loss of 6.7 billion euros per year in direct sales in France and 1.34 billion euros in taxes, and which would be the source of 38,000 jobs lost every year (Unifab).

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Counterfeits: this is what you risk

Willingly or without your knowledge, possession of one or more articles counterfeits are illegal. “Possession of counterfeit products exposes the holder to confiscation of these products by customs services and fines (from one to two times the value of the fraudulent object). of possession of forgery, like selling, is a crime. Sellers and holders of counterfeit goods may be punished for this. Penalties can be up to 300 thousand euros fine AND three years in prison.” notify him Ministry of Economy and Finance. So, before you shop online during Black Friday, be on the lookout for “very good deals.”

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