Free website: What limits in 2023?

Want to create a website in 2023?

Of all the options available to you, the free site option surely seems the most enticing.

It is a logical choice. However, you should know that nothing is really free and that ultimately, choosing a free website has limits.

Discover here some limits of a free website in 2023.

A free site is of poor quality

Platforms that offer the creation of YOUR Page freebies usually do this for the purpose of testing their service.

In addition, users will be able to shop easilypremium offer. As a result, the service provided is so limited that it results in poor quality rendering.

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Usually, the free offer is reserved for those who want:

  • Test the quality of the platform;
  • To have prerequisites for creating a website without expenses;
  • Start on an activity.

In addition, a free website does not really correspond to a company’s expansion objectives.

In addition, companies that offer free website creation services benefit from this service in one way or another.

You may have more answers to your concerns this page.

In addition to long loading times and an unresponsive interface, the platforms include recurring ads on sites created for free without the consent of the site owner. This shows a blatant lack of professionalism.

As a result, the credibility of the site inevitably takes a hit, especially since Internet users know the difference between a serious site and a poor quality site. One thing leads to another, you end up with a website that is certainly free, but useless.

This is why it is recommended to choose a paid solution and use other online tools to make your site profitable.

Limited hosting and a non-custom domain

A free site always offers one very limited accommodation. This determines that the free site cannot receive a satisfactory amount of written content, photos or videos. So you are somewhat limited. You should also know that host for free are not always effective.

As a result, your site may be unavailable for days or even weeks. At worst, your site could simply disappear overnight with no explanation. For more, domain name a free page must be assigned by the platform that provides the service.

So you don’t cannot be customized name as well as the length of your page name. In fact, free site names are usually miles apart. Therefore, it is difficult to maintain it. This is a major concern for your potential customers.

Also, the domain name of a free site belongs to the platform. You are not the owner of this domain. platforms only lend you. Also, it is not eternal. After a while, it can disappear to the detriment of your platform’s content, without warning, let alone any explanation. French site opinion for free websites may enlighten you further.

Poor SEO positioning

poor SEO positioning
poor SEO positioning

It is rare to find a free site on the first page of results Google or another search engine.

The reason is simple: a free site is necessarily of poor quality.

Thus, you will be online, but you will remain invisible, because 95% of Internet users are limited to the results of the first page.

With a free site, your company will have a serious problem online visibility. The impact on your traffic will be noticeable. That’s why it’s always better to choose a paid solution from the start.

Some features that don’t exist

In addition to poor security, it is impossible to have a real page free e-commerce. Indeed, a free site includes only basic features. Thus, it lacks some essential services.

Cannot have a custom email address

A personalized e-mail address shows the seriousness of a company. Unfortunately, the free website do not include this functionality. It is possible to fill this gap thanks to free email applications like yahoo Where Hotmail. However, this process negatively affects the credibility of your company.

No customer service provided

With the free site builder option, you’re left to your own devices. In case of a bug or any other problem, you can not contact one of the customer services, because there are no free sites. If your site is down for a few days or simply disappears, you’ll have no one to complain to. Therefore you will have to find the solution yourself to move forward.

After all, a free site has the only advantage of not having to spend money. However, you should know that at the end of the day, no site is free because you have to invest your time to create content to feed your site. With the risk of losing this investment sometimes considerable, it is preferable to invest in a high performing and safe place from the beginning.

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