Economy | Romain Girbal finalizes a new CRM tool for Web3

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Romain Girbal and Thibault Launay were introduced eighteen months ago exclusive, a Web3 marketplace dedicated to the world of luxury. A new stage in their development: a unique CRM tool.

A well-established Web3 duo

ABOUT Romain Girbal AND Thibault Launay, no one will escape Web3. “Web3 is the natural evolution of Web2. Today, almost everyone spends several hours a day in front of a screen, through social networks. We follow people’s lives, the news, more or less unpack their lives. With Web3, everyone will be able to push this experience further, thanks to immersion and interactivity. Currently, it is mainly Generation Z and a male population who are familiar with Web3, but we are among those who tend to generalize it to everyone.”developed by Romain Girbal.

What is Web3?

The announced successor of Web2, Web3 is a decentralized web which, thanks to the blockchain, offers access to metaverses in which one can evolve through an avatar. A metaverse is the most successful form of social networking, working in a much smarter way. We consume digital products called NFTs, which we buy with cryptocurrency, but not only that, we can also get them classically, with our credit card. “Thibault Launay and I invested in this sector in 2017 entering the emerging cryptocurrency market. We then acted as business angels for many start-ups”, explains Romain Girbal. “The witnesses from the exponential growth of many Web3-related companies, we looked for ways to bet intelligently and sustainably on this new digital revolution. Then we imagined the concept of the Exclusive.” And success is there: “We have amassed a community of 200,000 people to date and plan to reach one million within two years..”

With Exclusive, Romain Girbal bets on the world of luxury

The world of luxury responds to well-defined codes, with a strong notion of prestige and exclusivity. We will not deny it, in luxury we are ‘among ourselves’. We wanted to have the opposite of existing markets, like Opensea, where everything is sold, the best and the worst, by offering luxury brands a dedicated space so that they feel safe and don’t have fear of harming them. Mark’s image“. Excluded, it is thus a digital marketplace where you can buy a luxury digital product, a car, a jewel, an accessory, or even real estate in a metaverse. Exclusible has thus signed contracts with houses such as Louis Moinet, Hogan, Bugatti, Alpine, Amedeo, De Beers. These digital products have the advantage of being guaranteed unforgeable because they are registered on the blockchain, a huge asset for luxury brands that actively fight against counterfeiting.

In addition, certain deluxe digital products purchased from Exclusible may also allow the customer to order the physical version to be delivered to them. It also offers buyers the opportunity to create a privileged and solid link of belonging to luxury houses, thanks to the advantages included in the purchase of a digital product: VIP access to private sales and exclusive events, for example, in real life.

Romain Girbal and Thibault Launay switch gears with a brand new CRM tool

The next step in Exclusive’s development: a CRM tool. “We have just validated the beta version of this tool. This will allow brands, when finalized in a few months, to acquire more customers, retain them at a lower cost, and activate existing customers..” Looking beyond the world of luxury, Romain Girbal specifies that, while this tool will initially be offered to Exclusible’s partner brands, it is designed to apply to all brands, all sectors together.

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