Age, photo, phone number: protect your data online

Being connected is good. But the feeling of being tracked, controlled, teased… It’s too much! How to cover your tracks.

My text messages are saturated with advertising messages

From stores to sites visited, the list of brands that love you well is growing. To get rid of those Harrys that are sitting in your life by SMS, be relentless (and punctual). Everything SMS advertising must include the word “unsubscribe” or “stop” followed by a phone number. Otherwise, transfer it to 33700. And if all attempts are unsuccessful, enter DGCCRF.

How do I prevent my phone from being picked up by teleconsultants of all kinds?

safety, renovation, real estate… they seem to have given themselves the word to offer you their services. In order not to worry, we register on Blocktel, on the opposition list the phones were cold (, created in 2014. It is free and works for all lines, fixed, internet or mobile. To protect your smartphone, also test call filtering apps like Stop Call, CallBlocker, etc.

Ever since I visited a site, decorating offers take over my browser

This is blame the cookiesthese files that are installed on your system to allow engines and sites to remember your surfing habits. Legally, during the first connection, sites must obtain your authorization to use them. Otherwise, delete them by regularly emptying the “cache” and the “cookies” folder in “preferences” on your computer or “settings” on your mobile phone. And urgently try, the new search engine that protects privacyguaranteed without cookies or history for the most private browsing.

I need a phone number, but I don’t want to share my personal number

Rent a phone number for the time to sell your furniture or any other property, from €1 per day to €12 for 3 months. No need to change phones or SIM cards, everything goes through an app. Go to, or even

How do I prevent a photo of me from being shared on social media…

No one can post a picture of someone without his permission, otherwise a fine of €45,000 is imposed. Ask its author and/or the site manager to remove the photo, in application of the right of objection provided by the Data Protection Act of 1978. In case of refusal, enter the CNIL online which will penalize the culprit.

How can I control what information appears when I type my name into Google?

ABOUT clear my information in search engines, 2 solutions:

  • The intended method: we delete the account to be banned on the original site and ask the responsible person of this site (contact details in “legal notices”) to delete our data. In the absence of an answer within 2 months or if the answer is unsatisfactory, you can file a complaint with the CNIL.
  • The radical method: send a request for the right to be forgotten directly to the search engine by completing the ad hoc form accessible on its website or via or Google, Yahoo, Firefox… all must comply with European data protection law (judgment C-131/12, 13 May 2014).

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