24 startups from Nouvelle-Aquitaine on their way to Las Vegas

Part of the regional delegation gathered on Monday at the Cité Numérique de Bègles for the “launch” of this 2023 edition – credit AL

Organized from January 5 to 8, the 2023 edition of CES will welcome 24 neo-Aquitaine startups, two-thirds of which will walk the aisles of the Las Vegas show for the first time. The regional delegation gives pride of place to start-ups in industry, mobility or health, with the stated objective of spreading the colors of responsible innovation.

With more than 2,000 exhibitors expected for its 2023 edition, CES has not returned to its pre-Covid glory, but the event remains one of the highlights of the world stage in terms of innovation. : not content with being a privileged gateway to the American market, it brings together in Las Vegas a unique panel of decision makers, investors and entrepreneurs from around the world. “It is a testament to the courage to invest to go to a show like CES, but you will experience a moment of extraordinary standard and openness to the world, promises Jean-François Clédel, president of CCI Nouvelle-Aquitaine, for the 24th. Neo-Aquitaine start-ups that will fly to Las Vegas at the beginning of January, as part of a delegation organized for the seventh consecutive year, with the support of the Region, CCI, Business France, but also French Tech Bordeaux, Bordeaux Métropole, Aliptic, Digital Aquitaine, Sirena Startup and SPN.

The support includes a financial component, but it is also intended and above all to be operational, to prepare entrepreneurs to face the crowded corridors and the constant turbulence of Eureka Park, the display area dedicated to young shoots. “At CES, you have very little time to understand and understand yourself,” warns entrepreneur Cédric Delage. Mentor of the regional delegation, this industrialist from Bergerac specialized in electronics knows the American market well, having studied the establishment of a company there. “Americans think in terms of assets, investments and ROI, not influence. They are as aware as you, the French startups, have great products and real competition, we have nothing to envy them on a technical level,” he encourages.

Preliminary preparation and on-site animation

Chosen at the beginning of July, the 24 start-up companies participating in the trip are properly prepared, with four days of training in the art of pitching and catchy expressions that can easily and quickly attract the attention of buyers, investors or international partners. not to mention the major international media, present in large numbers at CES. The delegation works in parallel with its collective dynamics, with the provision of a meeting room dedicated to business meetings, the evening with the colors of French Tech, and even the organization of a thematic mini-event dedicated to the topic of Industry 4.0.

As in 2022, industrial start-ups are indeed at the forefront of the regional delegation, followed by players in mobility, health and responsible digital. With, in the group, half of the players positioned in the B2B market segments, which correspond to the recent shift of CES, historically identified as the consumer electronics show, towards broader issues. “If you have an innovative project of sovereignty, ecological and responsible, it will be easier”, underlines Cyril Texier, president of French Tech Bordeaux. “We must innovate to stand out and succeed, but innovation must not only be technical, it must also be responsible,” admits Andréa Brouille, vice-president of the district council, according to which 25% of regional budgets are allocated for economic development. support innovation projects, with 100 start-ups supported per year.

The 24 startups of the CES 2023 regional delegation

In industry, Addax (Bayonne, first participation, exhibitor) is developing software that makes it possible to adapt an industrial robot originally assigned to other missions for 3D printing and to control its operation.

air audit (Pessac, third participation, exhibitor) is developing natural language understanding software intended for embedded applications, to replace HMIs with voice.

axis (Feytiat, second participation, visitor) is one of the historical French players in 3D printing, specialist in prototypes and small series.

Glophotonics (Limoges, first participation, exhibitor), which has been developing applications for ten years taking advantage of its work in hollow photonic crystal fibers, will present an innovation that aims to allow the precise positioning of a phone or an object connected without satellite connection.

Treated (Talence, first participation, exhibitor) is developing, alongside its factory farms, a software platform dedicated to industrial certification of 3D printing processes.

Lynxter (Bayonne, first participation, exhibitor) designs 3D printers for industrial use. In particular, it has signed with Airbus for its latest model, capable of printing complex engineering materials such as PEKK or nylon, but also liquid silicones.

Tap Sensitivity (Mérignac, first participation, exhibitor) will present its non-intrusive technology which makes a mechanical part sensitive to impacts or deformations. The beginning, which has raised 1 million euros in 2021will go to Las Vegas in particular to prepare for the new round of financing.

In health and medicine, Absys (La Rochelle, second participation, exhibitor) develops virtual reality assistance and decision support devices for orthopedic and trauma surgery.

It was easy (Limoges, 5th participation, exhibitor), accessibility specialist, will present his new solution in Las Vegas, which uses character recognition and augmented reality to correct, on the fly, texts that are incomprehensible for dyslexia sufferers, for the first time.

Orthonosis (Bordeaux, first participation, exhibitor) is developing a surgical nasal splint for rhinoplasty.

Rematch (Bordeaux, first participation, exhibitor) publishes an app dedicated to capturing and sharing the best moments of amateur sports. Enough to encourage practice, hence the connection to health. Satelia (Bordeaux, first participation) will come as a visitor to feed her watch. The startup, which recently raised €10 million, is developing a remote medical monitoring solution.

Zufo (Lacanau, first participation, exhibitor) will exhibit in Las Vegas the concept of the new generation of ski boots, with operation inspired by the exoskeleton principle. A patented concept, and already crowned with a CES award.

In the field of smart city, Hamel (Périgueux, first participation) will present its “smart” store dedicated to plumbing professionals. Installed in a sea container, it can automatically recognize the customer to apply negotiated prices and can measure products purchased in bulk. What should compete with Amazon’s automated stores on its own land?

I flowed (Saint-Paul-les-Dax, 4th participation) is also being developed in the field of hydraulics, but with a concept dedicated to the remote control and supervision of hydraulic networks.

Make way for mobility, with Aqualinas (Bayonne, first participation, exhibitor) which develops ground-effect vehicles, such as flying ships with electric motors.

Buttairfly (Bordeaux, first participation, visitor) positions itself as an operator of flying taxi drones and as a design office for innovative mobility solutions.

Flying Whales (Paris, first participation, exhibitor) invites himself to the regional delegation to present his cargo planes, the construction of which should start soon in the Gironde.

Goupil (Bourran, second participation) will present its electric utility vehicles in Las Vegas, with the aim of finding new commercial outlets.

Select the wheel (Poitiers, second participation, exhibitor) designs and manufactures individual electric mobility devices that are controlled exclusively by foot, thus freeing the driver’s hands for professional use.

VUF bicycle (Mérignac, first participation, exhibitor) develops useful cargo bikes. The startup, which will be located at equipment manufacturer Valeo’s stand, is preparing to deploy 1,000 cargo bikes for La Poste.

In the digital realm, Two (Bordeaux, 4th participation) will come as a visitor to observe the market regarding its chatbots offer.

Talk (Bègles, first participation, exhibitor) will present Starleads, its customer relationship solution capable of automating prospecting over the phone.

Finally, Studio VRD (Bordeaux, first participation, exhibitor) will exhibit in Las Vegas its virtual reality experiences with a resolutely high-end positioning, specifically aimed at luxury advertisers.

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