Total immersion in a virtual world in the water art castle of Bourges

exhibitions Game of Worlds 2.0 can only be experienced with a virtual reality headset. The Hall Noir group had already produced a test version last year inviting modeled imaginaries where the real and virtual worlds are mixed up.

The test version has now moved to version 2.0 with new worlds to explore, always created by this group of students and artists who formalize over time, workshops and work time to achieve this exhibition, experience sensory and visual uniqueness.

You must equip yourself with a VR (virtual reality) headset to explore digital works and immerse yourself in parallel worlds. Visitors can physically move around the Water Tower-Art castle for total immersion as the headset is wireless.

Each artist has created his own immersive world. We can move physically, not just with controllers like in video games

Hall Noir overlays by diverting Oculus headsets on the market. The limit of the playing area of ​​6 meters by 6 is thus removed for a virtual endless walk. However, the virtual world certainly takes on the codes of the real world with doors, walls, inequalities.

Artistic coordination and original idea come from David Legrand. He has supervised artists Léo Sallanon, Étienne Müller, Laurianne Rolo, Woojung Yim, Bartosz Stepnik, Léa Nugue, Maëva Guillery and Yue Sun while computer development and poetry technicians are Cédric Massart, Hugo Balbona and Xing Xiao. They come from France, Germany, Poland.
Visual artist, David Legrand had this beautiful idea which goes back to the artistic collaboration under the auspices of Bandits Mages in Antre Peaux. “It’s like a theater troupe, but working in multimedia with the water tower as a place that unfolds with Monde’s Multiple international meetings.

“, he says.

Real multisensory, visual and tactile space-time reigns here. Suffice it to say, it’s unheard of with nine worlds accessible, spaceship on top and the shallows below. “Each artist has created his own immersive world. You can physically move, not just with a joystick like in video games. So we are in the presence of a superimposed reality, which is similar to the metaverse, but with a much better definition of images”, continues David Legrand.

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You have to see it with a virtual reality headset to believe it.

A first version will be installed by mid-December, then there will be a second version with an artificial living world that spans the entire castle space.

Two virtual events will take place. December 16 with a performance in the shallows and January 12 with visual artist Matthieu Crimersmois.

For Yannick Bedin, deputy mayor of Bourges in charge of culture, this type of exhibition is “an opportunity to support artists who develop projects related to science and digital technology. It is a support for artistic research, for hybridization. It is stimulating to the local artistic fabric and contributes to artistic fermentation. “Don’t get lost.

International multi-media and multi-player meetings organized by the cultural site Berruyer Antre Peaux.

Francois Lesbre

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