The end of smartphones soon?

A surprising prophecy has just appeared on the Internet: smartphones are currently living their last hours and are about to disappear completely in 2030. And the most surprising thing is that it was a mobile specialist who made this prediction, as it is Nishant Batra , director of strategy and technology at Nokia. Why and how are smartphones, according to him, preparing to be nothing more than distant memories? We make an overview of his statements.

In a world where smartphones have become almost indispensable tools in everyday life, it’s a prediction that brings a smile to your face. And yet, it was released by a giant of the mobile phone sector, a person who holds high responsibilities within Nokia, Nishant Bartra. According to him, the phones used today could start to disappear in the coming years and would hardly exist anymore by 2030. In his analysis, it is virtual reality that one identifies as the main responsible for this possible decline.

Will virtual reality lead to the decline of smartphones?

Nokia, through the voice of its director of strategy and technology, predicts that metaverses will gradually impose and replace smartphones. According to these forecasts, collected by our colleagues from spokesman, the growing enthusiasm for devices that allow access to virtual reality may convince more and more consumers to join the metaverse and therefore lose interest in their current phones. The man is not categorical, however, and he explains why:

“Wide adoption of VR technology by businesses and consumers will be essential. It will also require virtual and augmented reality devices to be affordable, ergonomic and wirelessly capable.”

For Nokia, the metaverse and VR will only be democratized when they can function independently of the smartphone. For virtual reality to experience the golden age predicted by Nishant Bartra, the prices of headsets and other dedicated virtual reality devices will have to drop dramatically. If not, this digital revolution will remain reserved for an elite of wealthy consumers. But what is the current state of the VR market? Do we really need to prepare for a blinding change in our lives?

The smartphone is not (yet) on the verge of extinction

While it’s true that all digital giants have high hopes for virtual reality and augmented reality, like Apple and its augmented reality glasses project, there’s still reason to think that smartphones still have a bright future ahead of them. Because if virtual reality today is more accessible than it has ever been, everything is still expensive and affording daily immersions in virtual worlds is far from being accessible to all budgets.

But although the future described by Nishant Bartra still seems very distant to us, it is worth remembering how quickly the Internet and smartphones have evolved over the past 20 years. Moreover, concepts hitherto reserved for science fiction novels, such as human augmentation and the fusion of the digital and the physical, are now a reality, already allowing some to use digital technology to accomplish everyday tasks. But it is a reality that remains, for now, reserved for a handful of enthusiasts and initiates.

It is certain, the future is in motion. But the world as we know it is still here for a while.

Source: spokesman

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