Second hand: where to buy used sports equipment online to save money?

What if we got a good double resolution by going back to sports while consuming green? This is the bet of several resale platforms for sports clothing and equipment! Notice for second-hand fans or those who want to start.

Getting into sports is good. Back to sports without breaking the bank, it’s better! From running to basketball to tennis, a sporting activity is never truly free. athlete, technical clothing, appliances … the bill adds up fast! And sometimes, the equipment we have to buy will only be used once a year. This is the case of ski suits which, by definition, are ultra-seasonal garments that are expensive. The solution is tobuy a second handbut not anyway! Vinted, Le Bon Coin, Vestiaire Collective Apps and sites for reselling used clothes and accessories there are really many. But if there is a lot of clothing and sports equipment on general platforms, sometimes there is no guarantee of getting a quality item.

Places to buy used sports equipment

General websites like Le Bon or Vinted coin has already made it possible to buy clothes and equipment for sports. But many other companies have joined the adventure. This is the case, for example, i campsitea platform dedicated to outdoor sports. Do you have the spirit of an adventurer? Find it in your Campsider camping, climbing or mountain biking gear. Don’t want to start an overly complicated process of selling and buying between individuals? Decathlon there is the solution. The sports equipment giant has launched Second lifea safe space where the brand buys the devices you no longer need. From hiking bags to e-bikes to golf clubs, Decathlon takes care of everything. The bonus? Once the form has been completed and the trade price has been set, Decathlon offers you the delivery of your item. All you have to do is stick the label on the cardboard!

We also discovered Sporteeda platform created by Greg Box, a passionate triathlete. According to Sportyin 2020, The French spent an average of 300 euros a year on their sports equipment. A hell of a lot to ignore the price of domestic subscriptions or sports licences. Be it for upgrade your equipmentsell his kids’ gear or try his hand at a sport, Sporty makes it possible to get the right items at a lower cost… and without waste! The platform works like any other: sellers are required to accurately describe the equipment and clothing they place online. The buyer is also protected in case of non-conformity of the product received. Brands can also dispose of their unsold stock and old collections at a more attractive price and thus limit waste.

from Yoga IN Swiming through climbing and skating, the Sporteed platform reference 109 sports and 2500 categories. And since then buying second hand has become inevitable, Greg Box wanted to create a truly tailored offer both for beginners and professional athletes. Sporty first it is positioned with the clubs for which the application allows them to create a platform so that their members buy and resell among themselves devices certified as compatible. The application is also open for professional athletes who have the opportunity to benefit from a dedicated space where they can resell their equipment while sharing their love for their discipline. from Sporteed VIP customers we already find it Miss France Sea Orphan and Malina Menardparticipant in Koh Lanta Laurent Maistret but also tennis player Jonathan Eysseric.

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