Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, how much is it worth?

Released in May 2021, Resident Evil VIII managed to complete the narrative arc of the Winters family that began four years ago with the release of Biohazard 7. Successful in its gothic atmosphere with its Eastern European village, the title was revealed to be enjoyable for rideable, but far less awesome than an RE7 which had the truilometer set to max in VR. In keeping with its tradition of full editions and on the occasion of the release of the DLC “Les ombres de Roses”, Capcom has therefore given the “Winter Expansion” allowing us to expand the story and also replay all the game. original third person. So enticed by the idea of ​​retracing the adventure in virtual reality thanks to the upcoming version 2 of Sony’s headset, we would have largely gone without reliving the adventure two months before the PSVR2’s release, but it’s clear that its price announcement clearly blew us away, and that’s an understatement. So we left in this new version of the Village with some memories, but very impatient to experience the adventure differently and go beyond the credits playing for a few more hours the daughter of Ethan and Mia Winters.

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Return to Shadow Village in TPS mode
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Structurally, Resident Evil Village Gold Edition is neither more nor less than the full version of the title from Capcom. Therefore, it includes the base game as well as the winter expansion (to be downloaded individually if you already have the game) and additional content for the mercenary mode.

For the winter expansion, we’re faced with the perfect illustration of the dilemma the publisher currently finds itself in. Have you reached the end of what you can offer in first person and don’t prefer to continue with a camera that shows the character? In any case, it’s a way to please everyone and especially the never-happy, spoiled players that we are. When a title is in first person, we’d kill to play it with a handheld camera, and conversely when we got down to a TPS, we’d love to know what it would deliver in FPS.

Resident Evil Village is now both and soon VR… three treatment modes for a single title and that’s pretty rare. Let’s see what this Winter Expansion has to offer.

Compelling TPS feel but no jitters

Compelling TPS feel but no jitters
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Village in TPS mode

The RE engine has lost none of its quality with this viewing mode

The RE engine has lost none of its quality with this viewing mode
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In order to better prepare the player for what awaits him at the end of March 2024 for the release of the remake of Resident Evil 4, this extension is therefore placed under the sign of TPS (third-person shooter). For the core of the game, nothing has really changed and that’s why we’ll let you see our time test of the game, which wasn’t perfect, but was going pretty well after the revolution started by the episode of previous.

Here, nothing has evolved in terms of production and artistic direction. The change of viewpoint obliges, the whole looks less impressive, but the whole is much more readable in depth.

There are no more appearances that can surprise you, the game loses immersion, but gains edginess and dynamism. We are facing a rather slow lambda TPS, whose character protects itself in a grotesque way. Everything works as it should, though, but some cuts in the outer sets threw me off on this version.

In terms of difficulty, a year and a half after release, the title seemed to me to be a real walk in the park in this version, much easier to understand especially when the enemies are numerous.

In the third-person mode, it was possible to believe that the character Ethan who was supposed to represent the player might finally show his face, but it is not so. We can see a little of him, but the camera never allows us to show him with his face revealed. The game’s cutscenes remain in first-person and flow smoothly when switching back to TPS view. On this side is successful!

We would have liked to have been able to switch between the two views to make comparisons easier, unfortunately the two parts are clearly separated from the beginning of the adventure, with two separate saves.

A year and a half after the release, it is a pleasure to return to Dimitrescu's fortress

A year and a half after the release, it is a pleasure to return to Dimitrescu’s fortress
Grab the YL

Shades of Rose

Shadows of Rose, Resident Evil Village's single-player DLC

Shadows of Rose, Resident Evil Village’s single-player DLC
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The only real novelty of this Winters Expansion, the DLC “The shadows of Rose” will take you for just over 3 hours of gameplay where you will play as Rose Winters, similar to Vanessa Paradis in her twenties. A small mention on his facial expressions at the beginning of the adventure, we found them very convincing.

Rose Winters, a Vanessa Paradis lookalike in her twenties

Rose Winters, a Vanessa Paradis lookalike in her twenties
Grab the YL

Sixteen years after the events of the village that ended with the sacrifice of her father, the young girl rejected by others wants to part with her powers and learns of the existence of a cleansing crystal that could help her. To eliminate the mutamycete from her body, Trëndafili returns to the village premises. For the rest of the narrative elements, everything is clearly explained in the game notes.

Very soon the players will know the places of Dimitrescu castle and especially an old acquaintance of which we keep the surprise for you!

The girl's powers are the focus of the DLC

The girl’s powers are the focus of the DLC
Grab the YL

For the first time in the saga, we have the right to the most fantastic story ever tested for the series. It’s easy to see why it’s only in DLC, as fans would risk being destabilized.

Rose can communicate with a spirit named Michael who will guide her and give her healing and ammo. Combined with his powers which will increase as the adventure progresses, they will be necessary in combat, but especially in exploration. To discover their true potential, we will have to wait for the final fight of the game, it’s a pity. The rest of the time, it’s pretty bland and frustrating, but it makes sense when you’re equipped with a shotgun!

Never has the saga leaned so much towards the fantastic!

Never has the saga leaned so much towards the fantastic!
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In its unfolding, “Shadows of Roses” may surprise. After a lackluster quest, the DLC quickly ramps up into a much more original second installment that tries a lot of things. Without spoiling the reveal too much, you will find one of the successful places in the Village where you will have to play it stealthily and with a kind of stress never seen before in the saga. It is very nice to play!

Depending on your sensibilities, it could totally work for you, luckily it’s easy to get the upper hand!

Too much time in this viscous substance and it's death!

Too much time in this viscous substance and it’s death!
Grab the YL

Not so much gold!

The mysterious Michael will be your guardian angel during the adventure

The mysterious Michael will be your guardian angel during the adventure
Grab the YL

For owners of the original game, it is possible to extend the adventure by downloading only the add-on for €19.99. On the other hand, it is necessary to warn the players about the Gold version of the game. For those who want an alternative cover to the original, the gold changes very little, being just a little gold, except for the mention of “Gold”. The Bluray game is strictly identical and the Winters Expansion will be downloaded via a code that will disappear if you buy the title on the second-hand market. Hard to agree with Capcom for this kind of practice which continues to push the second-hand market towards an inevitable death.

By itself, this Winter Expansion is worth the cost if you have the original game and especially thanks to the contribution of the TPS view that allows you to fully relive the original adventure if you like.

Weapons complement the girl's powers

Weapons complement the girl’s powers
Grab the YL

If you didn’t like the game, Les Ombres de Rose has little chance of convincing you, but in our case, we enjoyed this short adventure that allows the saga to try new things. It is enough for a DLC, but in a full game fans of the series can be completely destabilized.

So everything has been said about the Winters family and it’s hard to imagine a direct sequel to this episode as it would seem too far from the series’ DNA. The Village will return for one final stand in February 2023. In a stunning VR mode, that’s what the lucky few who got to experience it can say.

Therefore, the book of the shadow village is not yet completely closed.

The DLC takes just over 3 hours to complete

The DLC takes just over 3 hours to complete
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To know :

► Publication: 21/10/2022
► Publisher: Capcom
► Developer: Capcom
► Platforms: Multi-media
► Genre: Action / Horror

We want :

► Priced at €39.99
► Choice between TPS and FPS
► Totally good base game
► DLC that tries things out

We are sorry:

► FPS and TPS cannot be alternated
► TPS that lacks jitter

► Pretty classic DLC start

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The test was performed on PS5 with a version provided by the publisher

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