PS VR2: games won’t be delivered either

As announced earlier this month, The PS VR2 will be released in three months, next February. This announcement surprised especially by the rather high bill of the product. And yet, the unpleasant surprises don’t stop there. The Japanese firm has just announced a list of the first games compatible with the new headset as well as their prices. This last information more precisely risks discouraging more than one given the significantly higher price of the games. All of this will make you spend a lot of money to take full advantage of Sony’s new virtual reality headset.

The price of games on the rise

Sony plans to launch its new virtual reality headset on February 22. Pre-orders have already started on the PlayStation Direct online store for a few days. As a reminder, the value of the package including the headset, controllers and stereo headphones comes to €600 without the smallest game. To get a part, you have to spend even more.

Recently, the first assortment of games also just appeared at costs that can hurt your wallet. Indeed, the price of the latter has increased significantly compared to the previous version.

Now we can find the list of games that will be released first on the PlayStation Store with each of their prices, here is a summary:

  • Horizon: Call of the Mountain: €69.99
  • Cities: VR Enhanced Edition: €29.99
  • Cosmony High: €35.99
  • Demeo: €39.99
  • Hello Neighbor VR: Search and Rescue: €29.99
  • Star Wars Tale’s from Galaxy’s Edge: Enhanced Edition: €49.99
  • Light Brigade: €24.99
  • Tentacles: €24.99
  • The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners_ Chapter 2: Punishment: €39.99

However, subscribers to Playstation Plus will be able to take advantage of a discount of 10 to 20% on some titles. But despite this, the prices remain significantly high compared to those of the PS VR1 where you can find games under 20 euros.

Lots of investment for PS VR2

Apart from spending on the games, you also need to consider the amount you have to pay if you want to get the virtual reality headset yourself. As we already knew, PS VR2 is more expensive than that PS5 herself. In addition, the new headset can only be used with the PlayStation 5. Therefore, PS4 owners should be satisfied with the first PS VR.

For more, the Japanese group has recently increased the price of its keyboard Nextgen due to the global economic context and inflation that is hitting various sectors. If originally, the PS5 was sold for €499.99, it currently goes up to €549.99, or €50 more. In total, the bill will be well over €1,000 to get the console, the helmet along with its accessories and compatible games.

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