NFT: real uses but persistent uncertainty

To the CEO of Arianee, NFT AND wallets are the opportunity for Make to build their own digital independence. However, the sector needs growing up. And also win legal certaintyfor’ADAN.

“Where are we? Web3 ? And especially how to get other users besides crypto speculators or NFTs ? Today it is estimated that these fans are between 50 and 100 million”, said consultant Frédéric Cavazza during the conference. IMAGine Day Metaverse.

Democratize and evangelize the use of NFTs with a wider audience, B2C and B2B, this is one of the missions it has NFT factory, inaugurated in Paris on October 18. The beginning of Web3 Arianee intends to participate.

NFT, evidence and a chance for brands

The company is already active in this field in the business market, and more specifically with luxury players. Pierre-Nicolas HurstelIts CEO believes that the potential of NFT it is substantial by its very nature.

An NFT is just a test (…) potentially, this test can become a plug for everything related to our digital life and what we need to interact with an increasingly digital world”, he underlined during the inauguration of the NFT Factory .

Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, CEO of Arianee during the NFT Factory press conference – ©

“Tomorrow, we will use these signs anything that requires evidence “, predicts Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel. The physical handbag or wallet will be replaced by a wallet allowing interactions with “multi-channel, physical, digital and immersive life”.

“The portfolio will become key”, still believes the manager, who therefore welcomes the ambition of the NFT Factory to desire train French consumers their creation and the value of this portfolio.

And this value lies especially in the fact that it corresponds to “a digital account that belongs only to you, and not on Google, Facebook and Instagram”. This new paradigm implies the creation of a ” new social graph “.

Climb to 100 million active wallets

However, this knowledge of consumers is now mastered by I’m wrong, which monetize this data. The wallet and its assets, visible on blockchains, mean “open and public data. It will profoundly change the way we advertise and market.”

NFT Factory Press Conference – ©

The promise, Arianee’s CEO insists, is one regained autonomy for brands and end users. The manager admits that the market is still small, “with maybe 20 million active wallets MetaMask and 1 million active in The open sea “.

Arianee, for her part, claims 100,000 active wallets. “It’s small,” admits Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel. “What matters today is getting the next 10 to 100 million users.”

Achieving this size is actually critical for brands to make a real impact and access a profitable money market. The leader envisions business model changes and cost savings for companies.

The utility of NFTs is “native”

These cost reductions can be especially at the level of advertising investments with large centralized platforms.

I tell brands. Every second you spend on Web3, every penny invested, you build your digital freedom. You do the opposite of what you did when you paid for your first Instagram ad,” says Arianee’s CEO.

To “build this independence”, however, companies need cultured consumers equipped with wallets as well as NFTs. However, the usefulness of these signs remains to be seen. “The utility of NFTs is local. It is to prove something (…), such as owning a property, participating in an event or belonging to a community, he insists.

In addition to users and digital culture, NFTs need legal certainty. Jean-Noel Barrot, the Ministerial Delegate for Digital Affairs, accepts this. He announced this week creating a regulatory framework for these signs.

A legal and fiscal ambiguity on NFTs

For now, Faustine Fleuretthe president ofADANnoted legal uncertainty that affects NFTs and its businesses, thus hindering their development.

There is a legal and fiscal ambiguity about NFTs due to its relatively complex qualification”, she reacts.

Faustine Fleuret, President of ADAN, during the press conference of NFT Factory – ©

This situation is proving to be “quite harmful for the development of the ecosystem”. But building a regulation promises to be a challenge. NFTs do not do not correspond to a homogeneous asset classsays the representative of ADAN.

Therefore, the organization opposes a assimilation of NFTs with financial instruments, which would therefore fall under financial regulation. “It’s not even suitable”, considers Faustine Fleuret.

MiCA “not at all suitable” for NFTs

Therefore, the ambiguity persists France as at the European level. In France, since the Pact law, NFTs can be assimilated to digital assets, which are not necessarily by nature, argues the ADAN president.

At the European level, MiCA in principle excludes NFTs. However, this exemption is no longer earned. “There are efforts to define NFTs in Europe that are a bit more worrying for the sector.” So it can be submitted to MiCA the separate NFTs.

MiCA, a financial regulation, is not at all adapted to all the use cases developed by the actors”, judges Faustine Fleuret, who is therefore relying on the work of the European Commission on NFTs to reach a framework of adapted.

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