Innovative local businesses for everyday life

More than twenty companies are located in Olemps, even today, to present their innovations during this first edition of the innovation fair.

The first edition of the innovation fair, organized by the Rodez agglomeration, is held until tonight, at 19:00, in hall 7/77 in Olemps. More than twenty companies, mostly from Aveyron, have been created for it “presentation of innovative projects and products” to meet people’s needs and expectations, explains Juliette Tarroux from the agglomeration’s public service for entrepreneurship. For him, the objective of this event is “to make innovation accessible to the general public in everyday products by highlighting Ruten agglomeration companies”.

For example, for this first edition, virtual reality is available in various areas of daily life: craftsmanship, soft mobility, development, etc.

Innovation in the service of persons with disabilities

Guillaume Fauconnet runs the company “Adap Auto”, located in Onet-le-Château, since 2017. Specializing in car assemblies, he creates “Personalized systems for people with disabilities so that they regain autonomy, self-confidence, driving pleasure and relieve carers”.

In concrete terms, Guillaume works with a supplier who gives him equipment that he uses to adapt the car to the person’s disability. so “Accelerator, brake, steering wheel remote control” it can be done and adapted. This device is aimed at tetra, para or hemiplegic people, as well as stroke victims, road accident victims or those with a degenerative disease such as multiple sclerosis. The entrepreneur also uses the patient lifting system used in hospitals, which he transferred to cars for “ease the caretakers”.

From January 2023, it will offer “a fully equipped disabled driving school car which will be available to interested driving schools in the region through a rental system”.

A reminder app

Gaëlle Anderson created in February 2020, the application “Soolizi” which allows “collection, exchange and transmission of memories”. This application can “Bringing the photo to life through a caption and a comment and easily passing on an intangible legacy to the people you love ” to keep alone “Photos that really mean something“.

Improve your peripheral vision

Pauline Teyssedre and Dorian Enk are opticians at eyewear manufacturer Méravilles, located in Rodez, and they present “Nicolas Marchais Eye-Motion cognitive software, which consists in improving the visual performance of attention and gaining confidence” explains Pauline. “ We learn to use peripheral vision and then pick up information faster.” through a whole series of exercises the ophthalmologist continues. Created in 2016, this software is especially used with Raf football players and goalkeepers in the region. A person with a neurological deficit also uses it to “ avoid regression in peripheral vision”. In general, it should “5 30 minute sessions to really improve your performance” concludes Pauline Teyssedre.

A virtual reality headset to decorate your home

Based in Rodez, Marion Prévot is an interior decorator and manages the company “L’atelier nuantiel”. It is possible for a decorator to encounter difficulties in advising his clients because the latter can “Has problems with self-projection” the young woman trusts him. As of 2021, she has been using a virtual reality headset that “it allows customers to see exactly how the decoration will look in reality. We can convince them about the choice of layout and volume. They can project themselves by seeing images close to reality and enter their home virtually”. Marion uses this helmet, for example, for clients “who have a house under construction that they can see already built.”

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