10 metaverse platforms to start your business

Metaverse is becoming an increasingly popular topic, especially for businesses. Whether to place yourself in this new digital universe or to advertise there, many actions are possible in these software or platforms specially designed for the metaverse.

These software are either games or decentralized open worlds open to players. But recently, they also allow SMEs, start-ups and large companies to promote themselves or sell their services and products. Most of these platforms use the Ethereum cryptocurrency. Decentraland, TheSandbox and Roblox are the most popular and used metaverse platforms today. Discover a selection of 10 metaverse platforms in 2022.


Decentraland it’s a digital universe owned by users, based on Ethereum. It is possible to explore different worlds, discover new experiences and activities, buy plots of land to build your premises, salons or central offices.

How much for most metaversesusers are represented by customizable 3D avatars using various accessories accessible through cryptocurrencies. Some activities can be monetized, creating a real market for businesses.

In Decentraland, the BPI has been set up Vision of Bpifrance Metaverse which took place on Wednesday June 22, 2022, a professional event that confronts the visions of the main players in the French metaverse ecosystem.

The sandbox

One of the virtual universes the most famous Sandbox is also a platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. NFTs can be created, bought, sold and monetized by users. Invading companies like Warner Music, Carrefour and Adidas, this virtual universe allows companies to purchase their own plot of land to create their premises.

SAND, the token created by the platform, allows users to customize their avatar and purchase devices. AREIA makes it possible to purchase assets and land, ie. virtual real estate.


Being a game in origin, the Roblox platform begins to welcome more and more companies and events into its virtual universe. Accessible both on desktop and in virtual reality thanks to a VR headset, Roblox allows its users create custom environments and games.

In collaboration with the NFL, Roblox has released the NFL Tycoon experience, featuring extensive gameplay.

Among the professional appearances in Roblox we can count the Gucci Garden experience which has decided to celebrate its 100th anniversary.th birthday, on the platform. A truly immersive multimedia experience featuring a Gucci house.


Illuvium is a game that has attracted the attention of many companies including Bitcoin.com or Lotus Capital. It is possible to collect NFT creatures in this universe. Working like an RPG game, the platform gives the opportunity to avoid GAS costs for every cryptocurrency transaction.

It is a viewable platform built on the Ethereum blockchain in conjunction with the Immutable X L2 network.

Axie Infinity

With such well-known partners than Ubisoft, Binance, Samsung or even Google, Axie Infinity is a platform that works on the principle of NFT. $3.6 million was traded on their market, and the most expensive Axie sold for no less than $820,000.

The platform is partly owned and operated by its players, of which 2,800,000 are active every day. It is possible to create your own kingdom there.


A decentralized virtual reality metaverse, Bloktopia promises to bring NFTs to life. Businesses may have a vested interest in this through them advertising monetization system and sponsorship. Virtual blocks of real estate are available to token holders in the game.

The virtual universe offers a skyscraper with 21 different levels. They are the gateway to a central clearinghouse with a variety of experience in cryptocurrency-based assets. The basic principles of Bloktopia are based on learning, earning, playing and creating.


Among the biggest multiverse platforms, let’s take a look at MetaHero. Created by the company Wolf Digital World, having in particular collaborated with Disney, Toyota or Shell, it metaverse offers an interactive world with larger than life avatars.

Many things can be done in MetaHero: from fashion to social media to medicine, it is possible to create sources of income. Among the innovations used by MetaHero is scanner technology to create realistic avatars.

Atlas of the Stars

Star Atlas is a metaverse platform that allows its users to create their own wealth in space. It is also possible to conquer territories. A real economic activity is embedded in the game, with different markets that allow customization of his character and ship.

The platform supports the creation, purchase and sale of NFTs. It brings the advantage of the Solana blockchain for faster transaction processing. Opening up new technologies to everyone, Star Atlas uses the latest innovations like Unreal Engine 5’s Nanite for stunning visuals and cinematic quality.

Horizon workrooms

A true transformation for remote work, Horizon Workrooms is a metaverse that offers companies the opportunity to be located there. Thanks to the various possible actions, this platform gives companies the opportunity to work abroad while maintaining face-to-face liveliness.

Created by Meta, formerly Facebook, Horizon Workrooms promises an immersive experience thanks to the ability to use spatial audio and real-time writing on whiteboards while sharing files. It’s a sea change for corporate meetings.

Somnium space

A virtual world in cross-platform virtual reality, Somnium Space offers its users model their digital universe. Thanks to the blockchain, the platform promises to create its own economy in order to allow users to monetize their spaces and scripts.

It is possible to buy and customize land, which can enable entrepreneurs place it in this new virtual world what is Somnium Space. Somnium has launched its own event platform: Somnium Events, which promises to attract companies because many conferences have already been held on this metaverse.

Metaverse is becoming a real playground for SMEs and start-ups and more and more big businesses are investing in it. McDonald’s wants to allow ordering in a virtual universe to get its order at home, Disney will create its own metaverse. Carrefour launches virtual recruitment campaigns. The examples are more and more legion. The possibilities seem real in this new space where anything seems possible. So, entrepreneurs, what are you waiting for to set out in the metaverse?

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