How to organize a vacuum cleaner online and make money with your old clothes?

Are your closets overflowing and want to make room for something new while making a little money? It’s time to sell your clothes online. And what better than organizing a vacuum outfit? We show you how to organize yours without a headache.

of empty dressing room is the solution to stop loss of clothes but also to do colossal savings. In addition to limiting textile waste, ultra-polluting, resell his clothes allows you to recover some euros and have fun with new things. That’s what we call it the circular economy. And with the internet, there’s no need rent your booth at a garage sale or traveling with large bags on their backs to go to the cargo and recover a small amount.

In the comfort of your home, empty locker room online allows you to sell your stock at your own pace and present the clothes you sell in the best way possible. Material, method, after-sales service… We tell you all about properly organize your dressing room online from your home. Take Notes!

Where to sell your clothes to do an online wardrobe sale?

Sell ​​your clothes online requires good organization. As a businesswoman, you run a real store that must be rotated. A good vacuum outfit is above all a vacuum outfit that brings in traffic and money, otherwise it is useless. If you create your own page, make sure it is clearly named with the words “empty dressing room“or”second hand” in the title.
You don’t have the guts to create a custom page, second hand sales platforms do the job just as well. And you probably know them: Vinted, BeLux, Vestiaire Collective, Sporteed, Beebs… there are all kinds. But beware, they often take a commission on your sales. The other option is to pass Le Bon Coin, Facebook Marketplace or even Instagram and to set up a payment system by bank transfer or by application (Paylib, Lydia, Paypal…). Don’t forget to count shipping costs!

How to drive traffic to your empty locker room?

If in one used clothing sales platform or on Instagram, presentation counts more than anything! Whatever clothes you sell, it must be presented perfectly. Washed, ironed, put on a hanger and photographed against a beautiful background in a beautiful light, this old t-shirt that you haven’t worn in 3 years will attract more attention than a designer bag dirty and poorly lit.
Attracting people to your site is primarily through word of mouth. Tell your girlfriends to share on social networks, talk about you… February, make sure your dressing room is known beyond your immediate circle. Then, make sure you’re consistent: update the site regularly, send packages on time, quickly respond to messages from your customers… the more involved you are, the more your popularity will grow. Of course, the goal is not to get sick and that empty locker room becomes a source of stress. Organize daily and weekly time slots where you are responsible for packaging and sales management. After the hour, it is no longer the hour!

What price should I pay in his empty dressing room?

Sell ​​your clothes to earn money doesn’t want to say defrauding future customers, nor lose in return. You have to find the right balance to make the time investment worthwhile. Small basic pieces bought at low prices should obviously be resold at a lower price than the main retail stores offer. Otherwise, you will never resell them! However, do not hesitate set a fair price for your valuables and accessories. Bags, jewelry, belts… You can sell them for more than half the original price if they are still in good condition. A luxury fashion lover will end up falling in love with it!

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