10 tips to buy online without being scammed

Online shopping has become common and necessary, but scams and traps are numerous and require great vigilance when taking out your bank card. Follow our guidelines to keep you on your toes with every online purchase to avoid the pitfalls of scammers and scam sites. The 10 Commandments of Safe Online Shopping.

I stay calm without distraction

Avoid multitasking when you’re ready to pay. Like in the store Stay focused paid, without calling, chatting or watching TV at the same time.

I examine the web address of the site

Never pay on a site whose URL, www address, is not lowercase padlock to the left of his name and S at the end of HTTP. This S and this padlock prove that your bank details are encrypted and secure. It is a start of guarantee, but it is not enough.

I check the site’s legal notices

If it is a well-known mark, the site address is generally in its name and shows, at the end, general conditions of sale and legal notices. You will generally find these legal notices at the bottom of the pages. If not, run!

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I favor websites of brands I know well

By sticking with brands and stores you already know and can go to in person, you limit your risks.

I am wary of misleading site names

www.Laredoute_Outlet.com is not necessarily the la redoute site… Again, be very careful, big brands generally have a single website. Stay on it and click on the page on the tabs that interest you.

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If in doubt, I check online

If you don’t know the site you want to buy from, a good reflex is to type their name into Google with the words Reviews or Scam. You will quickly see it in the results if he is already known for cheating!

I create an account on the site

To easily find a trace of the order, write the identifier and password in a paper directory!

I don’t register my credit card on the site

No need to risk, it’s safer to enter your bank details with every purchase.

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After purchase, I do not click on offers for contests, refunds, sweepstakes or promotions

Even reliable sites like Fnac or La Redoute offer these advertising partner pop-ups to get a refund for the purchase you just made. These are legal but fraudulent sites, which promise to refund a portion of your purchases on certain sites, for a monthly subscription. Go!

Beware of promotional emails…

Take a good look at the sender’s email address. If it contains a number or a name unrelated to the sign, be careful! If in doubt, do not click on links displayed in emails, but open the brand’s website from your browser. You will find the same promotions if they are real. And remember when it’s too good to be true, it isn’t!

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