Will you win $100,000 from the new green crypto IMPT?

Since the cryptocurrency revolution, the most famous of which is Bitcoin, there have been the genesis of various projects. Whether it is NFTs, virtual currencies or other processes, there are more and more ways to integrate this universe. In this category of new e-currencies, it is IMPT that has a much more ecological impact. Defined as a green crypto, it promises big things in the future, especially with a potential profit of $100,000. IMPT is a new concept in the digital economy, so you should learn more about it. This article brings you more information about the virtual economic currency IMPT.

Green crypto: what is IMPT?

Since the rise of some virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dogecoin, some concepts of the same type continue to appear. As you already know, IMPT is a virtual currency, that is, dematerialized.

Its difference compared to other cryptos that already exist in the market is that it has an environmental purpose. In reality, the green crypto will use the blockchain technology common to all other currencies.

However, he favors the genesis of a carbon credit trading platform like NFT. It is still a project in full implementation which will allow carbon transactions. IMPT is currently in the pre-sale phase of its tokens.

Despite its young age in the market, it has already established partnerships with more than 10,000 brands, including giants such as Amazon, MacOS and even LEGO. Being associated with an ecological impact, it is a currency that promises a lot in the future, including several ways to make profits.

How to benefit from IMPT green crypto?

As a reminder, IMTP is a new cryptocurrency. This implies that one of the main procedures for making profit is trading virtual currency. This means that you should be able to buy this electronic currency when its value is low and resell it when it increases in value.

IMPT will be developed step by step in three levels. In Phase 1, tokens were traded in the market at $0.018 per unit. Currently the presale is in phase 2 and 1 IMPT is worth $0.023. Phase 3 is considered the final peak of the project where the coin will have a value of $0.028.

Therefore, it is possible to make a profit of 22% or 55% from the start just by trading the token. According to some reports published by Bloomberg, green crypto will be very successful because of its close relationship with carbon. In addition, you can try to win the $100,000 that will be offered.

How to earn $100,000 from IMPT?

One of the other ways to benefit from IMPT green crypto is to have a chance to win $100,000 which will be awarded in April 2023 during the launch party. It’s easy to participate and try to win the promised amount.

First, you must be an early investor in the coin. This will mean buying tokens now or until April 18, 2023. Only investors with $100 worth of IMPT tokens will be selected for the lottery.

Note that investing in Phase 2 is not enough to guarantee your chance to win the prize. You have to follow a series of tasks set by the organizers to increase your luck. That’s for sure, there are a total of 10 possible ways to enter the contest.

Green IMPT crypto: what is the future?

Knowing that the crypto space is quite volatile, you must be wondering what the future holds for IMPT? Indeed, you should know that this coin enjoys a better start with more than 10 million dollars collected in 3 weeks. Thus, it has entered the list of the best altcoins to have in 2022.

As for the future, the close connection with carbon, which will be an NFT, guarantees good prognoses. According to Bloomberg, by 2030, the voluntary carbon market could weigh $100 billion, up from $2 billion today. This means that for IMPT investors, tasty profits are on the horizon.

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