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Apple’s virtual reality headset is coming soon

Apple AR/VR headset : development is complete, launch will be soon! The year 2023 will be that of Start from AR headphones/VR eApple. Since late 2021, information has been circulating on the web hinting that Apple is discreetly designing a virtual and augmented reality headset. Today we have a confirmation of this Apple has even completed development of the headset and plans to market it in 2023.

A video service in VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) with Apple headsets

Apple has recently focused on a video service that will launch with its VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) headsets. With this service, it will be possible to watch programs in 3D format using hybrid headphones. To do this, Apple intends to turn to Hollywood’s greatest director, in the person of Jon Favreau. To experiment with the helmet, the firm did not hesitate to turn to Hollywood movie stars to optimize the user experience.

Apple will also use NextVR’s capabilities to perfect its headset. In effect, this company specializes in the distribution of various video media in VR or virtual reality. Note that the firm was acquired by Apple in 2020 for $100 million.

In addition to exploring video content for entertainment, Apple also plans to work on the development system, which mainly focuses on augmented reality and virtual reality. LThe company wants its hybrid headset’s realityOS operating system to be compatible with App Intents.

For your information, App Intents is a type of framework that makes it possible for other Apple apps to work with the Siri voice assistant. This application is present on all branded devices that are equipped with the operating system:

  • iOS for smartphones;
  • ipadOS for tablets;
  • watchOS on Apple Watches.

As the development of Apple’s AR / VR (augmented and virtual reality) headset was recently completed, realityOS will thus be equipped with the brand’s main device applications such as Messages, FaceTime or Maps, and this in augmented reality and virtual reality mode . Therefore, users will be able to use their apps through Apple’s hybrid headphones.

Return of Dave Scott, medical and robotics specialist

To perfect the AR/AV headset design and for maintain health consumers, Apple called Dave Scott, a former executive of the firm who worked on the Apple Car project. Being a specialist in robotics and medicine, it seems that Apple will integrate new functionalities related to health in the hybrid helmet. This means that the brand will integrate the Health app (by default on iPhone and iPad) into realityOS, from which the operating system of the virtual reality headset will grow.

In addition, Apple would have assigned its director of engineering to the team dealing with the design of the hybrid helmet. Knowing that Apple specializes in designing applications such as iWork, the Books application or Apple News, this implies that the brand wants to design apps that are primarily in the area of ​​productivity.

Apple’s virtual reality headset is coming soon

According to Apple reporter Mark Gurman, the company plans to export most of the applications used on the MacBook to the operating system of the AR/VR headset. Apple will therefore look to transform these applications so that they are compatible with augmented and virtual reality. In this case, the user will be able to work directly on the headset, which is a perfect alternative to a MacBook screen. This is somewhat reminiscent of the functionality of the Quest Pro headset from Meta (a company that operates with the metaverse world) which can serve as an alternative to a computer.

A metaverse that will be specific to the Apple universe

Based on the job offers that Apple issued at the beginning of the project, the firm wants to design and popularize its metaverse world. Thus becoming a direct competitor of the company Meta, Apple wants start creating your own world digital three-dimensional space where users can interact with each other. More specifically, the brand is looking for specialists in 3D virtual world design.

Apple announces that it will not use the word metaverse to describe the virtual world that will be visible through the brand’s virtual and augmented reality headsets. According to the firm’s marketing manager, as he said at a conference organized by the Wall Street Journal, they will never use the word metaverse when introducing the helmet as this term is unknown to the general public.

Commercialization of Apple’s AR/VR headset will happen sooner than expected

According to analysis done by DigiTimes, the start of production of this helmet is planned for March 2023. Information that contradicts the statements of analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Indeed, the latter announced in June 2022 that Apple’s virtual and augmented reality headset would be released in early 2023 and that it would be possible to pre-order from the beginning of the second quarter. We have to believe that the analyst was based on the timelines of Apple’s annual show, often held every June every year.

of the expected cost is $3,000 ! When Apple releases its headphones, it’s going to make noise.

Apple Reality … could this be the name of the long-awaited mixed reality (augmented reality + virtual reality) headset from Apple? In this video I share with you a personal analysis of this technology and the direction the iPhone brand will take, in my opinion, to Apple Glass or Apple Glasses. Soon we may no longer be talking about VR or AR, but about XR?

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