How to choose a web host?

For creating or redesigning a Web pageit is imperative not to neglect any parameter.

One of the most important is undoubtedly website hosting.

It is thanks to this element that the site is available and accessible to all ; hence the need to make a wise choice.

With the multitude of offers available in the market, finding the best web host is quite tricky.

Here are the criteria you should base your choice on.

Learn about the different types of web hosting

To ensure that you make the best choice to host a website, you must first be able to distinguish the different offers available. Thus, you will find in the market 4 types of web hosting per site.

In the beginning there is shared hosting whose principle is to share the same server on different websites. This hosting option is financially viable, but may show limitations in terms of your site’s performance.

This is because some sites are more resource intensive than others. If this option does not suit you, it is possible to choose dedicated hosting.

Therefore, you have one full server dedicated entirely to your website. This gives you the opportunity to configure it according to the site’s specific needs. With this offer you will receive web hosting simplifiedefficient and safe.

It is possible to find a good compromise between shared hosting and web hosting. For this you will have to choose VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server). With this solution you are directed use a physical server that is divided into several virtual servers.

Thus, some sites use hosting, but each site has its own space which is managed independently. This web hosting offers a maximum flexibility when you configure and manage the virtual server.

Finally, the last option available to you is cloud hosting which consists of install a website on a group of servers connected to each other. This solution is particularly attractive because the performance of a cloud server is adaptable to fluctuations in traffic.

Check the technical performance of the host

Check the technical performance of the host

Choosing a web host should allow you to find a tool capable of providing the necessary services for the realization and development of your creation or redesign project.

Therefore, technical performance should be considered with elements such as bandwidth, number of cores and CPUs, RAM, databases and integrations.

Bandwidth and number of cores and CPUs

The bandwidth of a web host corresponds to the amount of data sent simultaneously over a network. It has a significant impact on the loading time of different pages of a website, in particular inputs and outputs after a URL. When you make a choice, you need to make sure that bandwidth is able to support various site traffic projections.

As for the number of cores and CPUs, it is the speed at which data from a web page is analyzed and displayed. You need to consider the traffic and the number of requests generated by the site to make the right choice.

RAM, databases and integrations

RAM or random access memory is the element that allows temporarily store data and repeated requests. It plays an important role in the proper functioning of the site and quick access to different pages.

Therefore you should make sure that the chosen host offers a server with a Site-specific RAM. The database should not be neglected either. To choose it, it is important to consider the frequency of content creation.

Depending on the content of your website, it is important to choose a hosting offer various integration options. When the website is a blog for example, CMS installation (Content Management System) WordPress shown. For one online store, integration of a CMS like PrestaShop is appreciated.

Check data security devices

The security of your data is an element that should not be neglected when choosing a web hosting. It is recommended to favor a host with:

  • A regular update ;
  • An SSL certificate ;
  • Protection against hacking attempts ;
  • Data recoveryetc.

of safety standards essentially depend on the field of activity of the website. It is therefore important to choose a host capable of effectively meeting the site’s expectations.

Pay attention to the technical support of the host

For the proper functioning of your website, you should definitely check the effectiveness of technical support. You should know that it is the technical support that will let you find solutions in case of service interruptions or slowdowns. It is therefore essential that the web host provides a fast technical support with quick solutions to problems.

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