Get Started in the Metaverse: Top Solutions

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Apart from online entertainment, metaverse is also a revolutionary tool for businesses. This allows you to organize meetings, promote collaboration and facilitate the onboarding process.

Currently, most companies are considering replacing the traditional work process with digital alternatives based on virtual reality. They then use the metaverse to train employees or interact with new recruits. Finally, this universe pushes companies to review some habits in order to accelerate the digitalization of work processes. Discover some of the metaverse solutions tailored to the needs of the company.

Onboarding employees or training them on products or services can be daunting and time-consuming. This situation has also been aggravated by the health crisis.

More efficient than zooming back, the metaverse represents a alternative that eases the entry process. Indeed, this 3D universe unites different virtual spaces in which it is possible to interact and move as in the physical world. It helps create memorable first contact experiences for new hires.

In addition, metaverse can unite all collaborators without geographical restrictions. As a result, new recruits can interact with other employees to better understand the company’s DNA.

For this purpose, Boomrang events can host any kind of virtual event in the metaverse. These activities provide the opportunity to develop a sense of belonging as they promote team cohesion.

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Remote work is becoming a trend. Therefore, holding virtual meetings is the new norm. In this case, the metaverse allows to implement a virtual office. Setting up this type of workspace can be done in three different ways.

The first option is that create a virtual universe to install the desktop. It must then be hosted on a server so that employees can access the platform remotely.

The second option is that leverage metaverse solutions existing. Indeed, the web has many platforms designed specifically for meeting and collaborating in VR. The Microsoft Teams/Mesh system and the Meta Horizon Workrooms system are among these spaces.

The last option is that operate virtual worlds decentralized ones like Sandbox, Roblox and Decentraland. These platforms are now operational and accessible anywhere in the world.

Besideshost an event in the metaverse, new trends are emerging in the field of professional training. Indeed, many companies use metaverse for it design a virtual campus. This allows employees to benefit from continuous training without any restrictions.

In this case, Cosmos is one of the solutions to easily integrate into the virtual campus. This tool looks like one desktop 2d with a number of different rooms where the user can contact interested parties.

Spatial is also one Immersive 3D environment ensuring an enriching and well-rounded academic experience, even at a distance. It is a modern solution for group work.

Although the metaverse is still in the development phase, many companies are already exploring its potential. They use it for facilitate the onboarding process or to participate in a meeting without geographical restrictions. To guarantee such an immersive experience, they use the latest technological solutions. It should be emphasized that an early adoption of these technologies makes it possible to get to know this virtual universe and take advantage of these advantages.

In addition to the previous uses for virtualizing corporate desktops, metaverse also offers many options for marketing. Thus, we can organize a product presentation or even an open day to attract new customers who cannot necessarily come to the store or the company headquarters.

In addition, metaverse can also be used to upgrade customer service. For example, the company’s advisors can meet with the customer virtually to solve their problem, instead of a phone call or text conversation. Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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