Find a virtual reality room for incredible VR experiences

Virtual reality is gradually becoming more democratic in France and many VR rooms are opening. These centers offer a practical solution to have fun and enjoy the immersive experiences of virtual universes in an ideally equipped space.

Currently there is just over fifty VR rooms it is unevenly distributed in the regions of the country. In fact, if you live outside cities like Toulouse, Paris, Lille, Marseille, Nantes, Bordeaux or Lyon, you may have some difficulty finding operational VR rooms near you. But don’t worry!

This article gives you some tips for finding the best VR rooms near you and tips for choosing the right one for you.

What is a virtual reality room and what is it used for?

of virtual reality rooms or VR rooms are spaces specially equipped to offer virtual reality experiences. VR helmet on the head, users can live different virtual experiences in total immersion while moving with a certain degree of freedom.

As you can see on this page, content provided in virtual reality rooms are mainly games and hobbies such as arcade experiences or even escape gamesbut not only.

Beyond games, VR hubs also make it possible to test other virtual reality applications, in particular air flight simulations and to behavior or corporate events such as Team building AND VR seminars.

Advantages of a virtual reality room

VR rooms are a practical way to experience VR when you can’t afford a private VR room.

With VR rooms, you have a warm and welcoming environment to enjoy immersive experiences in the most optimal possible conditions. Game areas, VR headset/goggles, simulatorsyou have everything you need to immerse yourself in virtual reality and have fun.

Another advantage of VR rooms is being able to share experiences with others. Some RV centers offer multiplayer and co-op content that can join several participants within the same game. This is interesting for people who want to experience it family VR experienceswith friends, colleagues or in a group.

Finally, the reality rooms have the merit of many experiences. The categories of content offered may vary from room to room, but in most cases it will be exclusive games and experiences that players cannot do at home.

The simplest is that start by doing a geolocation search on the Internet. All you have to do is type the keywords ” virtual reality room » followed by your locality in your favorite search engine to find out if there are RV operating rooms near your geographic position.

To make your search even easier, you can also look at online activity booking platforms like Funbooker that will put you in touch with active VR centers in your city.

Indeed, most virtual reality rooms are cataloged on these matchmaking platforms, which allows them to be easily found by people interested in VR activities and hobbies.

Some details to consider when booking a virtual reality room

Not all virtual reality rooms are created equal, either CUTTINGTheirs layout, quality of service or rich experience.

If you are lucky enough to have several VR rooms open in your city, do not hesitate to compare their solutions in order to choose the one that suits your needs. Some points you may want to consider include:

  • Types of experiences offered : arcade games, escape game, team building, simulators, solo or multiplayer, experiences vary from room to room. Make sure the one you choose offers the activities that interest you
  • Authorized public : Some virtual reality centers apply specific age restrictions for access to the VR experiences they offer. While some welcome a younger audience, others are reserved for adults only
  • Duration of sessions : Immersive VR sessions are purchased experiences for a limited time. This varies from room to room depending on the formula or type of experience: 15 to 20 minutes for arcade experiences for example

User ratings : refer, when possible, to the opinions of other customers of the VR center to get an idea of ​​the quality of services, environment and experiences that the room offers.

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