Cryptos to have in your wallet next year!

Bullish cryptocurrencies are those that have the potential to become very popular and explode in 2023. There are many promising cryptocurrencies, but only a few have the potential to become very popular. We have tried to find out which cryptocurrencies have the most upside potential for 2023.

5 Cryptocurrencies to Watch in 2023

It is difficult to make predictions with certainty because cryptocurrencies are very volatile. However, some cryptocurrencies seem to have more potential than others.

Some of the most promising cryptocurrencies for 2023 include:

  • Bitcoin: the most famous and oldest cryptocurrency. It has been consolidating for a few months now and looks to be on track for 2023.
  • Ethereum: A cryptocurrency with a lot of potential, especially since its Ethereum platform allows the creation of many decentralized applications. Its update The Merge was a success even if the project has been less talked about for several weeks.
  • Litecoin: A cryptocurrency very similar to Bitcoin, but faster and therefore more suitable for online payments.
  • Monero: A particularly interesting cryptocurrency because of its confidentiality. In fact, transactions on this network are totally anonymous, which makes them very difficult to track, but makes it a network of choice, especially with geopolitical issues related to China, Russia, and Ukraine.
  • Ripple: A cryptocurrency strongly supported by banks and financial institutions. So there is hope for the future, especially as Ripple Labs appears to be on the verge of winning its 2-year-old lawsuit against the SEC.

The most dangerous opportunities for 2023

The cryptocurrency market is hard to understand. A series of periods of euphoria (bull market) and stagnation or even decline (bear market) characterizes this market. However, cryptocurrencies are very volatile and sometimes new projects manage to explode during a bear market. Here’s a selection of risky projects that could spark in 2023.

Aries 2 Trade

You can trade your cryptocurrency with a software called Dash 2 Trade as early as 2023. That’s why we place D2T tokens among promising cryptocurrencies.

Until today, crypto investors lacked a comprehensive software tool to centralize price data, on-chain data, trading signals, social trading and trading strategies.

This will soon be done through the Dash 2 Trading Terminal, which in the eyes of its creators will be the “Bloomberg” of crypto. We want them to succeed, especially since it can become a reference in the sector, as is the case with Bloomberg, a true institution in traditional finance.

The developers behind Dash 2 Trade are already known through the Lear 2 Trade platform. They are currently raising funds through an ICO, selling 66.5% of D2T tokens. At $0.0476 per token, this opportunity looks more attractive.

IMPT: next project to follow

In 2022, several projects have been launched and among those that mark the crypto space, we will mention and its carbon offset program.

At the center of this eco-friendly ecosystem is the IMPT token, a very promising token whose goal is to reduce the energy footprint of the cryptocurrency industry.

To better understand what the program is all about, you first need to understand what carbon credits are. In fact, the project offers users the opportunity to earn carbon credits in different ways. More specifically, carbon credits are certificates that allow their owners to emit a certain amount of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases. To get it, you must have IMPT marks.

Therefore, by using IMPT tokens, users can earn carbon credits, thereby contributing to the fight against global warming, withdrawing their carbon credits and earning NFT rewards in return. They can also keep them for investment purposes or use them to support one of the hundreds of projects selected for the program.

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