What Web3 will change, according to the 20 Mint community

What Web 3 can change… at your next concert or football match at the Stade de France

Twenty-eight: “No more counterfeit money market, thanks NFT venues open to the public will place all their entry tickets into the equivalent of an intact ledger account visible to everyone on the Internet, which will allow anyone to check whether the seat offered for resale is real. »

What Web3 can change… in your savings

Mafiiou: “Imagine a world where you can send money anywhere in the world, to anyone, at any time, but above all without any middleman, say hello decentralized finance (DeFi). This industry offers staking, that is, blocking its cryptocurrency for a certain time to receive interest; lending, securing your cryptocurrencies for profit or even borrowing, in exchange for cryptocurrencies or NFTs deposited as collateral. However, DeFi remains complex to understand and the investor should remain alert to potential scams, exploits of loopholes or market manipulation. It is recommended that you do your research before investing. Easy money does not exist. »

What Web3 can change… in support

SebM: “And if tomorrow, being a supporter no longer had anything to do with being a spectator? If instead of discovering the holiday transfer rumors in the regional daily, you can decide on the striker who will make you vibrate next season. The project of a sports club depends directly on the commitment of its fans to its brand, so it has every interest to give them (you) a role. Web3 and NFTs make this new relationship possible. You can be rewarded for your commitment by contributing to decision-making, meeting various actors and players of the club or even being financially rewarded in case of sporting or financial success. »

What Web3 can change… second hand

SebM: “Second hand is the future, but not knowing the previous conditions of use of a product will always remain a problem. Well, Web3 offers a more than important answer to this fatality. For example, if the Valentine’s typewriter that is showing you leboncoin was linked to an NFT that identifies its authenticity, its different owners, its breakdowns and its repairs and this in an intangible way , you can buy it and then resell it for more. more calm. You can also identify the different owners of this little gem, discuss your passion with them or create a spare parts exchange network. »

What Web3 can change in… road navigation

SebM: “Do you think Waze is cooler than GPS because everyone can update the available information? So you haven’t seen anything yet! Tomorrow, with Web3, this activity can become profitable and even more collaborative. Why, through the use of internal service tokens, users who benefit from traffic information that avoids them a fine or an accident, do they not reward the person or persons who produced it? Likewise, if this information can be verified, why wouldn’t other services like the fire service, or even public transportation, benefit? »

What Web3 Can Change About… Delivery

SebM: “All work deserves a salary, and when it’s good, sometimes a little more. But how can you thank an autonomous delivery drone when it found a shortcut to deliver you dozens of oysters twenty minutes early under the Icelandic palm trees? And how to appreciate the pavilion owner who opened his airspace for him and allowed him this achievement? By using an NFT registry of land holdings and an internal currency in the delivery service, it is possible to divide and qualify the drone’s path into a series of intersecting spaces, whose owners can be rewarded just like the drone for importance and its decision-making. »

What Web3 can change in… the luxury sector

Mafiiou: “NFTs are often the entry point to the Web3 for major brands. The luxury sector is gradually adopting it (such as LVMH, Prada, Mercedes-Benz, etc.). Authentication of physical objects can be done through an NFT, guaranteeing the reliability of raw materials and production. By integrating the certificate of transfer of ownership, thus combating counterfeiting. Not to mention the metaverse that will bring a whole new customer experience, thanks to games, exclusive access or rewards. Luxury brands will be able to create a strong community there. »

What Web3 can change in… administration

Mafiiou: “Web3 could change the way we store and share our personal data. All our administrative documents can be stored and encrypted on a chain, via non-transferable NFTs (SBT SoulBound Token), so it will be possible to have them in a single wallet. Letters, passports, medical records, diplomas, even wills, we would be the only ones to have access and give access if needed. We could even imagine that the latter could act as an electoral card during the elections, reasoning as follows “1 digital wallet = 1 vote”. »

What Web3 can change in… student life

PierrEau: “I’m currently 20 years old and I live in a Crous residence for my studies. Like many students, I receive aid that I have to justify by sending in documents. This year, I sent my accommodation certificate five times to three different organizations. What Web3 can change is the automation of sending and processing administrative information. Documents can be tokenized to facilitate exchange and reduce this administrative burden. No more paperwork, no more endless calls, no more “in process” files for four months. »

What Web3 can change in… insurance

Mafiiou: “Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DeFi… They have invaded our daily lives. While hacks and exploits occur regularly on Web3, guarantees are still rare. And yet, it is likely to become a major turning point in DeFi. The future, that of cryptoassets, can cover the theft of its digital assets, be they cryptocurrencies, stablecoins or NFTs; the continuity of its activity in case of blockchain failure; secure mining premises, data centers in case of disasters or compensate if any smart contract becomes defective. »

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