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Founded in 2012 in Nice by Kevin Solerformer world champion in road training, Virtue (formerly Groupe VIP 360°) is a SaaS software publisher specializing in the metaverse.

Member of the French scale of technology on the Côte d’Azur and present in the ranking of the Top 500 technology companies in France, Virteem has experienced strong growth since its inception.

Virtue has set itself the goal of bringing companies closer to their customers and employees by creating 3D or reality-based places.

Virtual exploration to discover the world of banking

Virteem has developed for Axa France and Crédit Agricole, an innovative augmented reality solution to meet the challenges of recruiting and retaining talent.

The objective is to allow prospective candidates to project themselves within the company and present them with numerous career opportunities.

About Kevin Soler, founder of Virteem :”Some sectors have more difficulty recruiting than others. The banking sector is not excluded. To cope with the decline in the number of candidates and to break down preconceived notions about jobs in this sector, we are supporting several banks on the HR side. Axa and Crédit Agricole, for example, have fully understood this change in habits and therefore naturally turned to our solution to respond to this pressing issue.

Thus, Virteem has developed for Axa and Crédit Agricole a comprehensive platform for their recruitment.

The startup has designed a virtual twin of a real bank branch, where the candidate gets to explore through an immersive experience.

In the span of 3 months, Axa has registered 11797 connections and a significant increase, qualitatively and quantitatively, in the CVs sent.

Crédit Agricole, for its part, registered 507 users with 2,248 page views in 2 months.

Through photos, videos and 360° photo galleries, the user has access to a wealth of information on the different rooms available.

Also, it is an interactive and personalized exchange that is created, allowing each potential candidate to understand the values, needs and ensure that the position meets their expectations, but also to discover the full potential of career evolution.

Thus, Axa and Crédit Agricole are not surrendering to a fashion effect, but to a real need where the potential candidate must be able to project themselves into their professional future.

To enter the experience Ax AND Agricultural credit

Comprehensive boarding safety

Beyond the recruitment aspect, Virteem has also developed on-boarding for Axa employees. Virtualization of the work environment enables the newcomer to be faster autonomous and more easily proactive. Such visual support allows the user to retain 80% of the information of what he sees during his experience. It therefore means offering the new employee a calm, soothing and didactic work environment, guaranteeing him or her to integrate more easily into the company. These notions are now central to the expectations of today’s employee, emerging from the traditional hand-delivered or hastily produced verbal welcome book.

Easy to use tool

Virteem has thought of a simplified back office where its customers carry out the necessary updates independently so that the user experience always corresponds to the company’s expectations and ensures the sustainability of this solution. Thus, the banking sector, as shown by Axa and Crédit Agricole, confirms once again that they understand the challenges of their time by relying on the innovation developed by Virteem. The latter imagines virtual and immersive platforms, both responsive and complying with the regulations in force (GDPR) to create optimized media to attract more and more users.

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