NFT to really launch art into the digital world

Artts startup has signed a contract with the Félicien Rops museum to produce a series of 33 NFTs of the painting “La Dame au puppet”. The start-up hopes to bring art to another realm and benefit artists financially.

From this Friday, the Antica show will open its doors in Namur for a week. 30 thousand people are expected at the specialized fair for antiques. In other words, we go there mainly to see the old. But it will also be possible to discover what the future of art might be. There he will present the start-up activity Artts. Started a year ago the new company specialized in the creation of NFT representing in very high resolution and digitally the works of artists. If digitization technology is not really new, Arrts nevertheless hopes to establish itself in the market by combining it with blockchain, in order to make the works unique. “Through this technology, we can create new series of numbers that can be monetized by artists,” explains François Toussaint, founder of Artts.

“With blockchain, we’ve been talking a lot about the technology instead of using it. When we talk about a website, we don’t waste time repeating that it was created with the DNS system.”

Francois Toussaint

Founder of the Arts

To launch its technology, it created a platform that specifically relies on “logion” certification. However, the founder does not like to dwell too much on the technicality of his project. “With blockchain, we’ve been talking a lot about the technology instead of using it. When we talk about a website, we don’t waste time repeating that it’s done with the DNS system. It should be remembered here that we create unique digital pieces“, he summarizes.

Rops as first partner

From its inception, the company was immediately noticed. The start-up has managed to convince the Félicien Rops museum to trust the “Lady with a doll”, one of the most emblematic works of the painter from Namur. “We digitized it in high definition and produced 33 unique copies,” he gushes. Each piece is offered for sale for 499 euros. In addition to the very high definition illustration, a number of exclusive contents are also included in the price. “The desire was to connect physically with unique experiences”, explains François Toussaint. In addition to an exclusive visit to the castle where the painter lived, the start-up has also planned an explanatory video of about fifteen minutes, produced with experts. “A kind of private cure,” he smiles.


For the “la Dame au puppet” project, 80% of the proceeds will go to the museum, which intends to use the proceeds to finance its expansion work.

Once purchased, the work can obviously be resold on the secondary market at a potential capital gain. “However, we have limited resale opportunities for platforms that plan donate 5% of the profits from each resale to the artist (or in this case at the museum). NFTs could be a new way to reward artists whose works are sometimes exploited without compensation. There’s no reason why they can’t earn royalties on digital reproductions of their work.” The reflection about fair remuneration of artists is also reflected in Artts’ business model. In every sale, a significant portion of the proceeds will go back to the artists. For the La Dame au puppet project, 80% of the proceeds will go to the museum, which intends to use the proceeds to finance its expansion work.

Arms in support, Comès in partnership

For its debut, Artts received seed funding from the Wings fund of 100,000 euros. “We’re still at the beginning. So we’re still looking for the ideal business model. We’re giving ourselves six months to fine tune it and find the best fit.” In addition to the collaboration with the Rops Museum, Artts already has signed deals with other artists, including cartoonist Didier Comès, for whom the start-up will offer original boards for sale in NFT form. “Here again a portion of the sale will go directly to the artist. It will be used to finance the restoration of the original tiles which have been deformed over time,” explains François Toussaint.

“A huge educational effort is still to be made. Beyond tech fans, we’re more looking to reach art lovers.”

Francois Toussaint

Founder of the Arts

Other projects are also under consideration especially with videographers, sculptors, graphic artists as well as the company Mons Dirty Monitor, which specializes in building map displays. Therefore, if the start-up quickly found interest from artists, it remains to be seen how the concept will be received by the general public. “For the presentation at the show, we will display the painting and NFTs on screens. I’m sure people will ask me if I sell screens,” he smiles. “A big educational effort still needs to be done. Especially since digital still has a bad press in art, especially because of the first projects that weren’t very convincing. The ambition is to reach a new audience. beyond technology fans, we rather try to reach art lovers.”

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