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Comprehensive learning to train in professional and general English

With mind is a training organization, which offers various qualified internships for the Personal Training Account (CPF), especially to learn foreign languages, to improve the mastery of French as part of the Voltaire Project and FLE (French as a Foreign Language) , but also for master office automation tools or programming languages. To help you acquire diverse vocabulary and English grammar, Les Intellos offers you a new innovative program that is fun, interactive and above all immersive. As part of this training, a virtual reality headset is provided to you by the organization to be able to immerse yourself in this dedicated space. Objective: acquiring the basics of the language, applying them in the metaverse, achieving success in understanding oneself and expressing oneself in a professional and general environment.

This device offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a virtual environment by connecting different places, a cafe, a gym, a restaurant, a shop, etc., in order to expand their vocabulary and exchange with people present in the metaverse (coaches, other students, etc.). “With Les Intellos, we want to dust off the training field and restore the image of the “training organization” that offers CPF-acceptable internships. ”, explains co-founder Quentin Rivat. The module for learn english in the metaverse it is aimed at those who wish to learn a language for professional and general use, and who have a certain appetite for new technologies such as virtual reality. If no educational prerequisites are needed, it is recommended that you are comfortable with digital tools and distance learning.

By offering to put into practice what you have learned in an immersive universe with a virtual reality headset, the temptation to distract yourself from training is greatly reduced, unlike courses taken 100% on mobile or tablet, where it is easier to to be taken. and be bothered by receiving a notification (message, social networks, etc.).

In the context of traditional training, learners have unlimited access to the initial learning platform for 100 days (3.5 months), available 24/7. They can connect during their time off from work, in the evening or even on weekends, from their smartphone and/or tablet. But with the VR option training, their way of training takes on another dimension. From the virtual reality headset, they can also connect to the metaverse. Pedagogical training is suitable if you already have a professional activity. In addition, to make it easier to get started with the VR headset, an explanation and help are included in the “Le Connecté” formula.

The advantages of metaverses for learning English differently

If learning a foreign language through metaverses represents for Les Intellos a differentiating offer in the market, it also offers many advantages for students. ” Thanks to virtual reality, they can create their own avatar and show less signs of stress when practicing speaking English with other students or trainers. It’s easier for them to get started because they feel less judged and less afraid of making mistakes. Quentin says. When the project was launched, the challenge for the co-founder was focused on the needs of the users of the initial platform: how to change the way of training in foreign languages ​​through a simple digital tool other than a smartphone or tablet. , which can be understood and grasped by everyone, even the elderly, and which provide a greater learning impact with a less fixed immersion?

We are not reinventing the metaverse, but we are personalizing it to make it more accessible so that students can use it wisely. Metaverse lends itself very well to the field of training to provide a new way of training. This allows us to customize an offer with more added value to access new capabilities, but above all giving the possibility of implementing them as in real life.

Because the metaverse is full of opportunities for students. If the graphics are not as advanced as in a video game, for example, they have an avatar consisting of a torso and a head. The goal: to reduce any motion related “physical” annoyances that other virtual reality platforms may encounter, providing a realistic framework for practice. There is no artificial intelligence in the program, it is about the visual representation of people and very real people. Beyond gamification that brings a real plus to training, the VR module offered by Les Intellos thus makes it possible to change mindsets around these innovative technologies in full development.

We are at the beginning of virtual reality. GAFAM are just starting to test certain functions and market them to the general public. This is the right time to take a step with the right support and uses.

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A unique experience in a virtual London

Specifically, students are immersed in a virtual representation of the city of London, where they can connect and discuss the map. For Quentin, this innovative device is more effective than a group video where students can discuss. In addition to escaping, changing settings to learn the features of the English language faster, sessions with a certified trainer are scheduled directly from the platform to practice speaking on a dedicated topic.

Tomorrow we will also be able to meet the Anglo-Saxons, who will be able to circulate in this virtual environment, to deepen their learning, verbally but also culturally. We are already working on deploying this innovation to personalize the learning of other languages: a virtual Madrid for Spanish, Paris for FLE…

Test your skills – English VR Intellos
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The organization Les Intellos always listens to its users: the learning platform, which is updated regularly, can also be developed according to the feedback from the students, who will adopt the use of the platform. New educational content will be added soon by level, with the possibility of creating cultural exchanges, following events from the metaverse in the chosen language.

We can imagine many things: visiting a London museum in English, attending a football or rugby match in a stadium like the Emirates Stadium, for example, and thus being able to exchange vocabulary words around a specific topic.

Want to learn English in the metaverse with Les Intellos? Just go to the organization’s website by clicking on the button below, select “English VR” as the training type, then the “Le Connecté” formula. Formula cost: €1,290, eligible for CPF. This means that you can fund this innovative training and its tailored tool made available, with your personal training account.

Learn English in the metaverse with Intellos

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