How to find the perfect internet box for you?

Determine the best technology for the web box

To make sure you find an internet box tailored to your needs, it’s essential to choose the technology that suits you. For this, a suitability test is essential to determine which technology is available at your address. This test lets you know you’re eligible for it ADSL/VDSL technology, fiber optics or the 4G box. of ADSL/VDSL technology allows up to 50 Mb/s and is suitable for homes close to the ADSL connection node.

Regarding fiber optic, offers a very high speed connection going up to 8 Gbps. If you qualify for fiber optic, don’t hesitate to choose a fiber box; you will be right very high flows allowing very large files to be downloaded in record time. If you are looking for an ideal compromise between ADSL and fiber optics, the 4G box is the best choice to make. It broadcasts a 4G network similar to that of Wi-Fi routers. If your area has good 4G coverage, it is possible to have an internet connection of up to 320 Mb/s.

Find the type of offers tailored to your specific needs

Once you have more information about the internet box technology, it is important to look at the issue of offers. There are a host of offerings in the internet box market, ranging from offers internet and telephone connection with optional TV. These offers are definitely the most popular, as they allow owners of connected TVs or media do without a TV decoder thanks to a free box. This option allows you to have a internet box without commitment and save some money.

You will also find triple play offer for one internet access, landline phone and TV service. With these offers, you will get speed and generous services. Similarly, there are offers that combine internet box and mobile plan. So all you have to do is remove a box and a mobile subscription with the same operator.

Finally, another offer that could be perfect for you and her internet box with Smart TV. With such an offer, you have the opportunity to buy a smart TV at an attractive price.

Find the right operator for your internet subscription

In the internet box market you will have the choice between different operators. Your final decision will largely depend on the type of technology you are interested in and the offerings available. There they are Orange operator which is considered the most expensive, but whose customers especially appreciate it quality of services and few defects. You can also find your internet box at the operator Free, which always offers the most innovative offers. If you qualify for fibre, the Free operator is the best choice to make, it offers very high speeds with a minimum of 1 Gb/s.

If you are looking for one operator with unbeatable price offers, operator SFR will be the right choice. For people looking for a carrier quote offers with the best quality/price ratio throughout the year, Bouygues Telecom is the operator to choose. But there is also alternative operators such as RED and Sosh who offer internet boxes without commitment at attractive prices.

Learn about the prices of different internet boxes

The final element to consider in finding the perfect internet box is price. Among the various operators, The average price is around €24.99/month. But, knowing that the competition is fierce, the operators do not hesitate to multiply it promotional offers throughout the year. To make sure you make the best choice, don’t hesitate calculate the cost of your subscription for 2 years and compare it with other offers.

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