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Chantefleur School in L’Isle Adam – the first kindergarten on the Île de France equipped with LiFi from Oledcomm.

Oledcomm, world leader in LiFi technology and Mr. Sébastien PONIATOWSKI, Mayor of L’Isle Adam announce that they have installed LiFi (Light Fidelity) technology in the classrooms of the L’Isle Adam nursery school. Ecole Chantefleur thus becomes the first kindergarten in Ile de France to connect to the Internet through invisible light. Safe, reliable and without exposure to electromagnetic waves, LiFi is a high-performance and eco-friendly alternative to WiFi for the wireless learning of the youngest in accordance with the law of bees.

After an equipment campaign initiated by the Municipality of L’Isle Adam with the help of Oledcomm, carried out during the summer of 2022, the school now has 6 equipped classrooms. 30 LiFiMAX® tablets are also made available to children and teachers to enable innovative teaching methods. LiFi, unlike WiFi, does not use radio frequency waves that penetrate the body, but photons of the light spectrum, which are harmless to children’s health.

LiFi has many advantages and is part of a responsible digital approach. By eliminating the use of radio waves, it protects children’s brains from exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Oledcomm’s LiFiMAXEducation® solution also ensures very low power consumption. Finally, the security inherent in this optical communication technology, since the signal does not leave the room and an authentication process is built into the USB key required to connect, guarantees optimal cyber security, much higher than WiFi.

A collective commitment to the holistic development of children

In accordance with the bee law requiring prudence regarding exposure to radio frequency waves, the municipality of Isle-Adam directly supported this pioneering initiative. By providing secure, ultra-fast and energy-efficient wireless connections, LiFi enables students and teachers to work together without exposure to radio frequency waves. It also raises awareness of computer security and energy prudence, promoting environmental awareness among younger people.

Sebastien Poniatowski, Chairman of L’Isle Adam Regulations have pushed us to look for new solutions for a connection that respects children’s health and LiFi seems to be the best technology to offer our children a wireless connection in a satisfactory environment and we are thinking about other installations . “.

Stephan Gardel IT manager for the city of L’Isle Adam : I had the project to computerize the school and wiring was an option as was WiFi, but bee law regulations prohibited me from using this wireless technology. The solution provided by Oledcomm proved to be quick and cheap to deploy to provide a high quality broadband wireless connection. »

After the pandemic, local authorities and schools in particular have become aware of the urgency of reliable and efficient digital devices. It is important to encourage digital culture in our children from a young age and LiFi is an ideal tool for learning, respecting their health thanks to the absence of radio waves and therefore electromagnetic radiation. Oledcomm is pleased to partner with Ecole Chantefleur to achieve this revolutionary transition », Benjamin Azoulay, President of Oledcomm.

About Oledcomm®

Oledcomm is a French Spin-Off company from the University of Paris-Saclay and a leader in optical communication solutions using invisible light (LiFi). It has strong technological leadership in LiFi, with more than 33 patents and three Innovation Awards at CES in Las Vegas in 2018 and 2019. The company is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified. Oledcomm’s LiFi solution solves connectivity problems by replacing cables in environments where radio waves are not desirable. Target sectors include space, defense, industry and education. As of 2020, LiFiMAX® has been installed and tested in more than 500 projects worldwide and has been certified by ORANGE in terms of cyber security.

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in 2021, Oledcomm announced an integrated circuit (ASIC) that allows native integration of LiFi in tablets, PCs or Smartphones.

Oledcomm is the winner of the European deep technology program EIC Accelerator which foresees the entry into the capital of Oledcomm by the European Commission through the EIC Fund.

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