In Louviers, private internet pharmacy for 15 days: irritation of the team… and of the patients

After an intervention in the network, the Parvis pharmacy has been deprived of the Internet for two weeks. Despite their anger, pharmacists have found solutions to maintain service to their patients.

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“Sorry, I won’t be able to update your Vitale card”, laments a pharmacist. The patient is clotting and will have to come back later. Tomorrow? Within a week? of Parvis Pharmacy, in Louviers, deprived of the Internet for fifteen days, cannot answer the question. Within the team, expectation gives way to exasperation.

“There is no way to connect us”

Exactly on November 3, all cash registers and computers crashed. Marie-Laure, pharmacist on duty, recalls: “A technician came to tell us that he had interfered with our neighbor’s line, himself deprived of the Internet. In his intervention, he clearly cut our line! » From that day on, the pharmacist spends long minutes every day trying to reach Bouygues, the pharmacy operator. “They came to see the cutting. They called Orange, responsible for the lines. But on Tuesday, a Bouygues service provider came to the pharmacy to tell us he couldn’t afford to connect us.”she breathes in the back room, sitting behind a desk equipped with a computer.

It is here that pharmacists now come to perform administrative tasks, since they cannot perform them directly in the pit. “A few days after the demolition, we were powerless. And then we ended up finding solutions. It’s not viable in the long run, but it helps.”, Marie-Laure admits. Pharmacists then share a connection from their mobile phone to computers located in the back of the store. A manipulation that allows them to order drugs or learn about patients’ medical rights: “We have to make orders twice a day to laboratories and wholesalers. We are getting there, but we are losing a lot of time.”.

And no more landline…

And for payment, the terminal cannot validate the payment in case of a bank query. “Our activity has slowed down due to the lack of internet and the fact of being a pharmacy does not change anything, obviously. We are not given more priority than other institutions”, breathes Marie-Laure. And the pharmacy is still hard to reach by phone. For just one week, calls have been forwarded to mobile phones. “We don’t have a landline since November 3. Some patients complain that they cannot contact us. They often call us for advice or to order medicine.”depresses the pharmacist who still wants to reassure customers: “Of course, the situation is complicated, but we have put all our energy so that the patient is penalized as little as possible! »

Contacted, the Bouygues communication department ensures that the technicians have taken good care of the file
“They have ordered a new fiber and by the end of the week a technician will intervene to restore a continuous connection to the network. »

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