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Squirtle is a water-type pokemon that appears in all exclusive media. TheEvolve into Carabaffe, then Tortank (in game) as the adventure progresses.

Adventures in the Kanto region begin with Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. The latter is more suitable for beginners in games because of the power revealed in his movements. However, other trainers choose him because he’s cute. But the game is not the only medium in which it appears. Here’s what you need to know about Squirtle.

Why was Carapuce created?

With the initiative of Satoshi Tajiri, Pokemon began to conquer first Japan, then the whole world. Squirtle was certainly created for the same reasons he created Pikachu, Sandshrew and others. The franchise operates on the principle that coaches can catching and training Pokemon according to their abilities. Pokemon trained this way will be able to compete with each other.

Squirtle is a Pokemon from type of water. Remember that the type determines the strengths, but also the weaknesses of each. As you progress, each can evolve into another, stronger and more powerful one. In the game, Squirtle becomes Karabafi and this is done Blastoise at a higher level.


Squirtle can be recognized by its shape, which is similar to that of a turtle. He has big purple eyes and his cheeks are chubby. This Pokémon moves on both two legs and all fours. Each of Squirtle’s feet has three toes.

His body is covered with a shell soft at birth that hardens with age. This will serve him as a defense, but also when he starts water and foam jets. Squirtle also uses her shell to evolve it hydrodynamics.

Beneath her orange-brown shell with a white rim, a light blue skin can be detected that covers her entire body, including her long coiled tail. We can also see part of her beige shell on her belly.

Origin of the name Carapuce

In Japan, it was originally called Zenigame (according to a Japanese legend) before taking the name Squirtle. Atsuko Nishida designed it for the Game Freak and Nintendo franchise. The name Carapuce was adopted to give her a smarter name and who has SENSE.

If in the game it evolves into Carabaffe, then into Tortank, this is not the case in the anime. Turtle Pokemon is also found in Super Smash Bros. in cards and other goods.

How does he behave?

In general, Squirtle is well behaved, even if he sometimes experiences one rebellious tendencies. He also limits the number of people he opens up to and knows how to keep his secrets very well. Squirtle feels better when he belongs to an already tight-knit group, which doesn’t stop him from making new friends.

The Pokemon turtle retreats into its shell when it feels threatened. At the same time, he can retaliate by pulverizing the threat with water jets from his mouth with tremendous power. The shell also serves as a means of propulsion in water as its rounded shape and grooves on the surface allow it to reduce drag in water.

When it comes to fighting, Squirtle has special abilities Torrent. This allows him to multiply his power by 1.5 during water attacks when his HP is less than a third. It also has the ability pelvis during the rains which allows him to restore his HP.

Squirtle Evolutions

During progression, Squirtle can evolve into Karabafi when the player reaches level 14 or level 16. It then transforms into an even more powerful Pokemon, Blastoise. What are the two possible evolutions of Squirtle?


Squirtle evolves and turns into Squirtle when the player reaches level 14 or level 16 depending on the game. This is a different kind of turtle for him brown shell covered in scratches from his previous battles. His the body is indigo-blue and he also has a long tail, but his ears are quite bushy. Karabafi is bigger, more powerful and more aggressive than Squirtle.

To move through the water, it uses its large ears to keep its balance underwater. It also uses its long fluffy tail to improve its hydrodynamics. The fur is used to store air to be able to live in apnea longer. During the hunt, Carabaffe hides underwater. It catches the prey by surprise.

Tortank, Squirtle’s final evolution

As its name suggests, Tortank comes from the combination of the word “turtle” and “tank”. The Pokemon results from the evolution of Carabaffe, when the player reaches levels 34 or 36, depending on the game.

It is, in fact, a bipedal blue turtle whose body is much stronger than Carabaffe’s. From the top of her shell, balls come out during combat to shoot pressurized water jets. Her shell thus serves as a support for her weapons, but also as a shelter when she feels threatened.

Tortank is so powerful that its water jets can pierce the strongest walls (concrete or thick steel). As for his weapons, they are very precise, until reaching even smaller targets, up to a distance of about 50 meters. On the other hand, Tortank has difficulty aiming at closer targets. This is his biggest handicap.

The different appearances of Squirtle

Squirtle, along with his two evolutions, appear in all forms of exclusive media: games, anime, cards, and more. since the start of Pokemon’s success in February 1996.

Squirtle in games

The game spoils the fans by featuring it in different games. Indeed, you can get a Squirtle Egg by breeding two Pokemon of which at least the female is a Squirtle, a Carabaffe, or a Blastoise. After 5120 steps, the egg hatches to spawn a real level 5 Pokemon.

IN Super Smash Bros. melee, Squirtle and Blastoise appear as trophy. Moreover, in Pokemon Snap, you can take a picture of Squirtle. In addition, we can see Mario who can get a Squirtle costume The maker of Super Marioin celebration of twenty years of pokemon.

Squirtle in series and movies

Not only do we meet Squirtle from the first generation of Pokémon, but he also appears in the series. Sacha, the protagonist and famous trainer of Pikachu gets his Squirtle at 12th the episode titled No master, no law!. This is the leader of the Pokémon Small Turtles gang.

Ash’s Squirtle then appears in other episodes of his trainer’s adventures in the Kanto region, as well as other places such as the Orange Islands and Johto. For more, Professor Chen also gets a Squirtle in the first episode, start. He will then evolve it into Tortank. Ash’s Charizard will defeat him later in Season 4.

His appearance in the feature film will be marked by seeing a Squirtle cloned from Mewtwo. This will evolve into Tortank a bit later. He will then defeat the alien trainers on his island alongside Charizard and Venusaur.

Presentation at various events

Squirtle and his morphs appear in many events. First, it is seen in different forms of goods such as figurines, plush toys and Pokemon trading cards. Burger King has also included it in children’s meal cards. Additionally, studies have shown that Pikachu, CharmanderBulbizarre and Squirtle take the star of the Pokémon series.

One of the most popular Pokemon, Squirtle was chosen to be mascot e Pokemon Red & Blue, the version intended for audiences outside of Japan. Additionally, the Pokémon Nintendo 64 special shows Tortank in its shell. In the world of sports, water-type Pokemon have joined the bandwagon Japanese mascots with Pikachu and nine other Pokemon. They were the official mascots of the Japanese team in World Cup 2014.

Except this, Drunk Moogle has created three cocktails inspired by Carapuce and its evolutions. These are obtained by mixing blue curaçao and coconut rum, added with another spicy rum.

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