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I know I don’t have many years to play, four or five more, we’ll see. And of course, I want to win as many things as possible “, underlined CR7 during an interview given to DAZN at the beginning of the year. Apparently, the 37-year-old Portuguese striker is not ready to quit football anytime soon and plans to add more trophies to his list. Is this the reason that motivated him to get into NFT?

Cristiano Ronaldo joins Binance

The upcoming release of the CR7 collection

My NFT Collection arrives on November 18th, exclusively on Binance. This is your chance to join my Web3 community and own iconic moments from my career. Register now with code RONALDO to get ready and get a surprise when the collection launches. »

You would have seen in this tweet, the NFT collection of CR7 will arrive in 2 days. To do so, the Manchester United striker called for the biggest swap in the world, Binance.

So here are some details for the November 18th launch:

  • departure is scheduled for 9:00 UTC;
  • the collection consists of 7 anime statues with 4 rarity levels, namely Super Super Rare (SSR); Super Rare (SR), Rare ® and Normal (N);
  • on the same day, 45 of the valid CR7 NFTs will be auctioned on the Binance Marketplace;
  • auction prices will start at 10,000 BUSD for NFT SSRs and 1,700 BUSD for SRs;
  • An additional 6,600 NFT R and N will be sold from 77 BUSD through the Binance release console.

It is still necessary to specify that future buyers of these NFTs will have, according to the rarity level of the piece:

  • a personal message from CR7;
  • autographed merchandise, including soccer jerseys;
  • free CR7 mystery box;

Some fans didn’t like it

DailyMail revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo’s NFT presentation was mocked by his fans. The Portuguese, who is no longer on good terms with his club, has received a lot of criticism for hypocrisy “. Did not handle it Manchester United e ” marketing club “Recently? In addition to his criticism of the Glazer family, the club’s owners, CR7 also lashed out at his former team-mates Gary Neville and Wayne Rooney.

Many of his fans reacted on Twitter. Here is a comment that highlights Ronaldo’s contradictions:

“Man United is a marketing club. What is this tweet about? »

Regardless, Web3 and NFT have already captured the hearts of football celebrities like basketball. Other famous figures have already boarded the same train before Cristiano Ronaldo, and this is only the beginning of a rush.

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