Crypto Eco IMPT Raises $12.5 Million in Presale! How to invest?

There are new projects that should not be missed and IMPT can be one of them. Indeed, this new green cryptocurrency launched its pre-sale a month ago and has already raised more than $12.5 million. Do you want to know more about the project and how to invest? We explain all this in detail in this article!

The IMPT project in a nutshell

TAX wants to propose a platform where it will be possible buy and sell carbon credits. In fact, carbon credits have existed for several years, especially in the professional environment, and make it possible to issue a amount of CO2.

While this mainly concerns the business community, individuals are increasingly interested in these certificates that only governments and national agencies can issue. There are currently two markets: an involuntary market for professionals and a voluntary market for individuals.

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TAX therefore wants to offer carbon credits in the form of NFTs to allow more transparency and better management of these using new technologies such as blockchain.

In fact, it is not uncommon to find scams or concerns about doubling carbon credits, problems that cannot happen on a blockchain and with NFTs. As a bonus, this will provide better monitoring of each individual’s carbon footprint since the blockchain is a public space.

Important partners for IMPT

IMPT goes beyond simply selling and buying carbon credits. The project wants to propose an online store where it is possible to do your shopping while saving the planet. So, to achieve such an objective, a significant number of partners is needed.

As a result, by the launch of the pre-sale IMPT already had more than 10,000 partners and a month later over 25,000. Every week new companies join the ranks of the project.

tax, co2, crypto

We can quote in particular Apple and Amazon between partners. By purchasing through the IMPT store or directly from these brands, each user will receive IMPT tokens in the form of a percentage until they can finally purchase their carbon credit. At the same time, it will support environmental projects.

So it’s a good way to do it save the planet, pay attention to your carbon footprint when shopping. More than 2 million products will initially be available, but as the number of partners increases, it’s a safe bet that it will be much more.

IMPT presale is in progress

IMPT Presale, available herestarted on 3 October with the aim of ending at the end of March 2023. Divided into 3 phasesthe second is currently underway, well ahead of schedule as investors have already raised over $12.5 million for the project.

The initial price of IMPT token was $0.018 from $0.023 today and the price at the end of the presale will be $0.028. IMPT is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. Moreover, it is already planned for this cryptocurrency to be listed on certain trading platforms at the end of his presale.

In terms of Tokenomics, 1.8 billion tokens are for sale during the presale out of 3 billion available in circulation. The rest will be used for the ecosystem, management and marketing team.

The earlier you invest, the more likely you are to make significant profits as in each pre-sale the initial price is generally much lower than the final price, the latter rising between the different stages. As a bonus, the price of a token like IMPT is likely to explode the potential of the project as it will be listed on many exchanges.

How to invest now?

Whether you are a beginner or a fan of pre-sales, we will explain step by step how to proceed in order to to invest in IMPT presale. It’s not difficult, but you have to follow the steps in the right order.

First, you need to have a crypto wallet. It is an essential tool for participating in pre-sales, but also for storing your cryptocurrencies. There are some crypto wallets, but Metamask is probably the most common.

This is very easy to use and install. In addition, it is accessible on mobile, but also on PC in the form of a plugin through Chrome, Opera or Firefox browsers. Once you’re set up, you’re almost ready to invest in IMPT. Remember that the passphrase you set is your private keywhich means you shouldn’t trust anyone, otherwise an individual can access your crypto wallet.

In addition to setting up the crypto wallet, you will need cryptocurrencies in it, in particular ethers (ETH) or Tether (USDT), these are the two means of payment to participate in the IMPT presale.

You can use Transak directly on the IMPT site by paying by credit card or you will need to create an account on an exchange platform of your choice such as Binance. On the exchange platform you will have access to different payment means to buy your ETH or USDT tokens, then you will need to send them to your wallet.

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Participate in the presale

Now that you have your crypto wallet ready and containing ETH or USDT, all you need to do is buy your IMPT tokens, which will confirm your investment in this presale.

To do this, first go to website. You will only need to choose an amount of IMPT tokens knowing that you need to buy at least $10 and all you need to do is verify the payment. The transaction that validates the operation requires some transaction fees, so make sure you have enough ETH available.

IMPT tokens will not be available immediately, but only at the end of the presale. You will therefore need to return to at this point in order to retrieve them via the “Request” button. This will send them directly to your crypto wallet.

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