Blackfriday: everything you need to know to do good business online or in stores

of Black Friday will be held this year on November 25. For several years, the period of reduced prices has been gradually extended around this day, so we are talking now Black Friday week or to black week, which starts on the previous Monday or even Friday. The trading operation continues even after the day of the date Black Friday : is called the following Monday Cyber ​​Mondayespecially dedicated to so-called technological products, e.g. computers, audio, phones, stereos, connected objects, televisions, photos, etc. The first French editions of this promotional operation were only about products sold online, then physical stores that sell all kinds of products have joined.

DGCCRF reminds consumers of some tips for buying as an informed consumer and professionals about the rules to follow.

General overview:

If you are a consumer and you really want to do good business, follow these simple care tips:

  • find and compare prices of goods and services you want to buy in advance to verify the reality of price reductions. Any price reduction must refer to the lowest price charged by the professional during the previous 30 days;
  • avoid hasty purchases, take time to check the characteristics and terms of sale of the goods or product. Do not necessarily rely on the opinions on the site (video: Online reviews: beware of fake reviews!). For some electronic products and household appliances, a repairability index must be shown by the professional. This index allows the consumer to evaluate the repairability of the product he buys.

The obligation applies to door washers, smartphones, laptops, televisions and electric lawnmowers. As of November 4, 2022, the following products are also affected:

    • high load washing machine
    • dishwasher
    • high pressure cleaner
    • vacuum cleaner, cordless and robotic;
  • Know that you benefit from a 14-day withdrawal period for certain online purchases made by a European Union professional, regardless of whether the product is on sale or not. The existence or absence of the right of withdrawal must be mentioned before completing the order (the absence of the right of withdrawal concerns, for example, the purchase of tickets for performances, or personalized products, etc.). When a withdrawal period exists, a form that complies with a given model must be communicated to the consumer.
  • Make sure the sites you make your purchases on are reliable (legal notices, seller identity, company name, contact details of consumer mediator in case of dispute, etc.);
  • Also pay attention to certain information such as the amount of shipping costs or any customs fees, delivery dates, etc.

Finally, for online purchases, make sure the payment is secure (https or the padlock logo next to the URL). In general, beware of phishing: this technique is used by fraudsters who impersonate well-known companies in order to obtain your personal data, especially bank data.

If you have or think you have encountered a consumer problem with a company, you can report this company with a few clicks on the platform. SignalConso. The professional and DGCCRF will be notified automatically.

If you are a professional, take care to avoid any unfair or deceptive commercial practices to the consumer. In particular, the price reductions you offer must be real: they must be calculated in relation to a clearly stated reference price and you must be able to justify that it was actually practiced before the promotion period. Thus, any price reduction notice must indicate the lowest price charged by the professional during the 30 days prior to the promotion.

The items you present in the promotion must benefit from the same guarantees in respect of non-obvious manufacturing defects, defects of conformity or after-sales service as any other item. There are several warranties that cover different liabilities (find out more about warranties).

Moreover, in the case of online sales, some specific rules must be respected, especially regarding consumer information (identity of the electronic merchant, characteristics of the goods and services sold, etc.), a reminder of the essential characteristics of the goods or service and their prices before the order, a clear and legible mention of the validity of the order and the withdrawal period, which cannot be less than 14 days. The withdrawal form is submitted to a new model. In addition to the mandatory provision of this form before the conclusion of the contract and if the withdrawal of the consumer is also possible with a clear statement, it is possible for consumers to be allowed to complete and transmit online, on its website, the form or statement of withdrawal. The DGCCRF provides professionals with an e-commerce seller’s guide outlining the provisions applicable to e-commerce.

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