Allianz Accelerator: a new web3 and metaverse oriented promotion

Legapass (protecting digital heritage), OpenGem (security of NFTs), Workadventure (creating virtual offices and metaverses), Gandee (Solidarity As A Service) and Osol (mobile charger network for hybrid work) join Allianz France accelerator in Nice. The 13th promotion selected three web3 and metaverse-oriented start-ups and two new “odd-for-good” and hybrid startups.

A new promotion of five highly oriented web3 and metaverse startups forAllianz France Accelerator based at the Allianz Riviera Stadium in Nice. For its 13th promotion (Fall Batch #22), three new web-related startups were chosen: League pass (protection of continuity of digital heritage), OpenGem (insurance of NFTs) and Work adventure (creation of virtual desktops and metaverses). (Photo DR: the new promotion with Sylvain Théveneau in front of the “Wall” where their names are already registered).

“The accelerator continues to explore innovation themes”

They are joined by two other innovative “tech for good” and future of work startups, selected by the accelerator’s jury from a very diverse international shortlist: Gandhi (Solidarity as a service) et Osol (network of mobile chargers for hybrid work).

For 6 months, accelerated start-ups benefit from a network of experts and mentors, key French and international funders and investors, and structured and personalized support with a focus on fundraising and international development. Startups can also be offered a strategic partnership with Allianz, or test their solution internationally, thanks to the group’s global presence in more than 70 countries.

“The accelerator continues to explore innovation themes and launches in the metaverse and web3 with startups responding to security or streaming issues, core topics for an insurer, but also a pragmatic use of the metaverse to facilitate hybrid mode.”, explains Sylvain Theveniaux, director of the accelerator. “The future of work remains a key topic for Allianz France, a pioneer in new ways of working.”

Zendoc, “Startup in Residence”, acquired by an Indian unicorn

Other news: the acquisition of a Startup In Residence by a unicorn. The accelerator launched a Startup In Residence program a few years ago. These are companies coming from abroad that can be developed with accelerated startups in Nice. This is expected Zendoca company that develops Artificial Intelligence for contract management and has just been acquired by the Indian unicorn Sirion Labs.

A giant that manages more than 5 million contracts worth 450 billion dollars in more than 70 countries! This acquisition will also benefit the Côte d’Azur ecosystem as Sirion Labs is simultaneously establishing an R&D center in Nice, the second in the world after Canada’s.

Fundraising and purchases

The accelerator program, on the other hand, has enabled several fundraisers this year. In this way, Citadel (cyber security) raised 12 million euros while CozyAir (indoor air quality), finalizes a new fundraising of 1.5 M€.

As for the Alumni Network, it continues to encourage purchases. So, after receiving Finsquare until October in 2016, Nice MyCoachsince the first promo, bought it Together, the start of the latest promo. An operation that has come to strengthen the offer of digital services for the French sports movement.

The five new accelerations

Gandhi is a Solidarity as a Service solution that allows SMEs to easily engage in CSR programs and solidarity schemes in favor of trusted associations through turnkey solutions.

League pass offers a solution to the unsolved problem of digital legacy continuity. Legapass is an ultra-secure platform in which users can deposit their access codes to guarantee that their cryptocurrencies, NFTs, other digital assets, but also their photos can be fully recovered by their relatives in case of death.

OpenGem is a standard for securing NFTs. OpenGem provides tools for users and developers to audit and secure ownership of NFT digital assets.

Osol is an influential startup that has developed the first network of nomadic chargers (smart batteries) capable of removing a large portion of cables from workplaces. They help improve the hybrid work experience for employees by optimizing real estate, power and IT costs, as well as employee productivity.

Work adventure (Metaventure) is an open platform for creating virtual desktops and metaverses. Technology enables metaverses to be lightweight, high-performance and accessible from any device in the world to bring people together without creating new boundaries.

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