What are the opportunities for brands?

With the advent of the metaverse, blockchain and NFTs, Web3 is on everyone’s lips. However, brands are still few and far between to venture there. It must be said that this is a major paradigm shift that requires a rethinking of its approach, state of mind and strategies.

To successfully enter this new era, some companies require the help of one agency web3 com. For the latter, the challenge is not only to accompany them in this new universe, but also to make them discover the possibilities of this ecosystem. It must be said that Web3 has a lot going for it, especially in terms of experience and interaction.

Deliver new brand experiences

The health crisis has highlighted the need for more inclusive experiences. According to a study conducted by pour in in January 2021, 61% of consumers prefer to make purchases from sites that use augmented reality (AR). 71% of them say they would buy more if they could use AR. As these figures show, buyers are now fond of immersive solutions such as augmented reality or virtual reality. This gives them greater access to products, and especially new ways to connect with their favorite brands.

The metaverse emerges as one of the responses to these new concerns. In this shared virtual environment that people access through the Internet, brands can offer a smoother, more natural and more social shopping experience that goes beyond a simple 2D screen.

Several companies have already entered this virtual world. In 2021, Nike teamed up with Roblox to launch its own metaverse, Nike Land. Within it, Internet users can connect to play sports mini-games together. In short, they share experiences in the brand universe. The virtual space has already attracted more than 7 million visitors.

For its part, Ferrari released its 296 GTB model at Fortnite in 2021, before releasing it a few months later in physics. Therefore, users can test drive the car from their couch. With this strategy, Ferrari’s objective was not only to open the doors of the world of luxury to everyone, but also to appeal to a younger audience.

Build strong communities

Web3, and more specifically blockchain, is the expression of a community culture. Henceforth, possession represents an act of attachment and implication around shared values. This was especially confirmed with NFTs. This marketplace enabled new buyers to make a direct connection with artists and support them, together.

To succeed on Web3, brands must take a community-centric approach to the Internet. To achieve this, it is no longer a question of considering them as simple audiences that are addressed through an advertising message to sell a product. We need to make sure that everyone becomes a member of the community, and therefore of the brand.

This is what drives the success of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), NFT’s collection of shy monkeys. It is designed by Yuga Labs. By focusing on the idea of ​​exclusivity and belonging, the company has managed to build a true community. The latter already consists of athletes, actors, and even singers.

Web3 thus offers significant opportunities for brands, especially in terms of customer experience and interaction with shoppers. With metaverse, NFT and blockchain, advertisers now have innovative and creative alternatives to communicate with their communities today and tomorrow.

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