There are many old things we look forward to doing when you’re old, like going to the thalassotherapy bath, but above all being able to write anything on social networks without anyone bothering you. But why old people who don’t get anything from the internet, is still very common and sometimes quite funny. But no, we don’t laugh at them, we laugh at them, nothing to do!

It is with great sadness that I announce that my 49 year old son, Shane, passed away this morning.

It doesn’t even need a comment

My font is weird please help me thanks / Thanks for your great comment Peter!

When your grandma accidentally sends you a granny porn site when she just meant to write “I wish you the best for today, I’ll be thinking of you. Lots of love, grandma. Kiss, kiss, kiss”

Uncle Ed: Merry Christmas! / Uncle Ed: Thank you

Tony, is this your room? If so, grandma will come to clean and give you some furniture, I have nothing else to do.

Tom: What a beautiful day 65, love it! / John: Happy 65, you’re getting younger every day / Tom: John, it’s the temperature, not my age

Merry Christmas Grandma, thanks for the present, I love you! /Sederrrddggff

It’s my son / My son just called me, it’s not him

Mamie created the group “Do you want this bowl?” / Grandma added you / Grandma changed the group icon / Grandma left the group / You are now the group administrator

This article is worth checking out if you have time / “Barbecue Sauce – Wikipedia”

Applesauce Price at Walmart / Applesauce Price at Walmart / Help / Applesauce Price at Walmart / Applesauce Price at Walmart / I Need Applesauce Price at Walmart / Oh, It’s Not Google, No More sorry / Search Google for applesauce at walmart / Help me find the price of applesauce at walmart

My mom wanted to post a picture of her dog and instead she posted a picture of a rooster / “I love this little baby so much”

Everyone, can mom please delete this comment? Someone’s husband died and for no reason this comment was posted by your mother’s account

You remind me so much of my son before he left. Good luck Bradley / Thank you very much / It’s not a compliment, he went to jail

Send an email, I can’t read my messages / Resend your message, reset my phone / I can’t read the messages, they are in Chinese

*Great, sorry, spell checker / poo

Sue: What does this mean my nephew? / Joshua: I’m in a relationship / Sue: Oh my god!

My son is in jail for a triple murder!

Back to the day my grandma tried to take her passport photo and ended up on the Liverpool football team

Another one of those new things that annoys old people (but less so than autotune).

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