Tiphaine and Jordan, 3,500 euros and two children: “We would like to somewhat reduce impulse purchases on the Internet”

For “When we love, we count,” our section that examines the budget of parents, Tiphaine and Jordan and their two children, ages 4 and 7, open their accounts to us!

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How much does caring for one or more children really cost each month? What is the parents’ budget? Do the costs incurred vary according to the age of the children? Every week, in our “When We Want, We Count” meeting, parents open their accounts and share with us what one or more children costs each month.

This week, it’s Tiphaine and Jordan who lend themselves to the exercise.

Income of Tiphaine and Jordan, with two children

  • First name: Tiphaine and Jordan
  • Age: 31 and 33 years old
  • Number of children: two daughters, 4 and 7 years old
  • Occupations of parents: Unemployed for 9 months / commercial in agriculture
  • Net family budget in total: around €3500 per month, but variable depending on the month with Jordanian commercial work
  • Place of life: Domfront in Poiraie (Orne 61)

Tiphaine and Jordan have two little girls, 4 and 7 years old, have been in a relationship for 12 years and married for 8 years. The four of them live under the same roof in a 160 m² country house, which includes a 4,500 m² plot, in Orne. Tiphaine and Jordan own their home, which they will have paid off in 14 years.

Together, Tiphaine and Jordan win €3430 per monthand touch €139 Family allowances. They also specify that Jordan touches €450 four times a yearas a disability pension after a hand injury. This amount is not calculated in the submitted monthly budget.

Every month, the couple pays 984 euros in loans, including paying off the house and buying a car. They also consume €12 of water during their stay connected to a well, electricity €118 and fuel oil €133.

The costs of caring for their children

After explaining their total income, Tiphaine and Jordan share the amounts they spent on childcare equipment for their two children.

In total, the couple spent approx €400 childcare equipment at the birth of the eldest daughter. The items purchased were reused for their second daughter. In addition, the couple was given many items, such as a high chair, a playground, a baby pillow – an ergonomic pillow for babies that costs about 170 euros, a lot of clothes and decorations.

Hygienic sideparents spend approx €25 per month for saline, washing oil and creams at the pharmacy, their daughters both suffer from eczema.

In terms of health, Tiphaine and Jordan spend about 40 euros a month on vitamins for their daughters and on homeopathic lice products. In addition, they have mutual insurance that costs them €49 every month.

Food expenses for the couple and their children

When it comes to buying food for their children, Tiphaine and Jordan explain the costs €120 canteen per month. But when it comes to grocery shopping, the expenses for their daughters are not specific.

I don’t really know how much I spend on the food budget for my kids. I know that I buy cakes, compotes, fruit juices and necessary products for breakfast and snacks just for them. We should be around €40 months, I think.

For races in general, for four people including two children, the couple estimates to spend €550. The family does its shopping at an Intermarché and makes a compromise between quality and price. Tiphaine specifies buying meat more often directly from the producer.

Parents manage not to harass their children too much in supermarkets, as they do the shopping without them. Tiphaine explains:

I very rarely go shopping with my kids unless I have no choice but to give in to their demands.

Tiphaine and Jordan add to this initial budget the sum of €180 per month, for “extra” foodlike pizza nights twice a month, a bakery-bought cupcake every week, and extra meat on Sundays, bought from the butcher.

Clothing expenses for the couple and their children

As for their daughters’ clothing budget, Tiphaine and Jordan explain that they often shop for new clothes, but also second-hand:

For our first daughter we bought 70% new, and the rest used. We used to buy a lot more new, but I sat down as the price went up and so did I little about ecology.

As for our second daughter, she recovers about 20% of her sister’s clothes because they don’t have the same morphology. We buy about 40% new and the rest is very generously given by the neighbor, because our children follow each other in size.

Smoothed over the year, the children’s clothing budget is estimated at €80 per month.

Budget for children’s activities and childcare

At the moment, Tiphaine does not work and explains that she can take care of the children after school. Previously, a nanny would pick up the two girls from school and take care of snacks, homework, and childcare until the parents returned at 7:30 p.m.

But currently, there is no budget for childcare, not even an occasional babysitter. Only the children’s leisure center is devoted to them €42 in month. However, a budget of €10 This amount is also added per month for the school bus.

When it comes to children’s activities, the campaign is full of resources:

There are no regular paid leisure activities, we live in the countryside, surrounded by forests, hiking trails, rivers, animals (goats, horses, ponies, etc.) and do a lot of DIY.

Children spend a lot of time playing with the neighbors’ children, or playing outside, drawing, making up stories.

Sometimes we go to the cinema or to the pool.

Tiphaine specifies that one of her daughters is taking drawing lessons, at €9 in month.

If there was one budget item the couple would like to cut, it would be online shopping:

We would like to somewhat reduce impulse purchases online. Everything is much easier behind a screen! Our latest craze is buying a square in €900 for our niece, after a large unexpected influx of cash.


Pocket money and the transmission of the value of money

The couple talks about the relationship with money in their family, what was passed down and their current relationship with their children. For Jordan, in his family, talking about money is taboo and a secret. For Tiphaine, it is not the same:

For my part, we talk quite freely about money, about the fact that you have to work to earn it, that you have to take advantage of it, but also that we have to put it aside.

For the couple, the topic of money is not taboo, but they measure what they say in front of their daughters:

The topic of money is treated according to the topic of the amount of money. If it’s about the cart, oil, everyday things, we talk about them in front of them. If we talk about topics that are only projects, we expect them not to be present.

For Tiphaine and Jordan, teaching their daughters the value of money is important, but they do it in stages:

We begin to explain the value of money to our oldest daughter so that she understands that some things are really expensive and most of all she is very lucky to have what she has because other children don’t even eat three meals a day.

I explain that I am donating the clothes that they don’t wear anymore, because children are not lucky enough to have clothes that fit them, without stains, etc.

For the little one, we teach her to share her cake, bag of candies or something else, explaining that some friends/girlfriends don’t have candies at home.

The couple does not give pocket money to their children because they are too young.

Every now and then, we give them a few coins to put in their piggy bank and my granddaughter learns the value of money.

The couple opened a bank account for each of their daughters, in which they settled €10 per month and per child, to help them pay for their driver’s license later. In addition, they also add what family or friends can give for Christmas or birthdays in order to build a small personal nest egg for them.

At the end of the month, they are 301.5 to the couple, after they have paid the remaining personal bills, such as gasoline in €130their personal savings €100securing their savings €200home and car insurance €106various subscriptions such as Netflix, internet and Coyote for a total of €91.5 and property tax €93.

When the total amount spent only for their children added, Tiphaine and Jordan spend €361 monthly, just for them. This calculation does not take into account amounts that concern the whole family, such as purchases.

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