The industry exposes its reality in the virtual

Since young people do not go to the industry, the industry goes to them! And it fits their codes, their tastes in video games, and their natural mastery of digital tools. In partnership with The industry of France, EDF ANDUIMM Alpes-Méditerranée, Mediterranean Industries which federates the professional sectors of the region presented on November 9 3D platform “ForIndustrie-The Extraordinary Universe” thanks to which she hopes revitalizes the attractiveness and knowledge of industry professions. The initiative aims to extend the playful and educational spirit of the event” Amazing factory that was held in 2019, in Marseille, at the Mucem esplanade and to multiply the impact of the digital platform offered last year.

The project is the result of a collective approach involving about 50 partners from all sectorsExplain Kristin BazePresident of Mediterranean Industries. It is designed for secondary and high school pupils and students, but this year, with the support of Pôle Emploi, we have added job seekers so that they can also discover these professions. 13,000 young people have pre-registered, more than 500 classes from Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Corsica and the Gard, as well as 300 young job seekers. Our website already counted 24,000 unique visitors and the interactive map “The Extraordinary Universe” with 4,000 unique visitors, although the launch of the game was planned for November 14. “.

PRACCIIS puts the industry of the future in the hands of SMEs

Six industrial universes to explore in “ForIndustrie-L’Univers Extraordinaire”

Named “Industry Week” (scheduled in France from November 21 to 27), this virtual platform aims to be ” a digital adventure in the heart of French industries “. It takes the form of an archipelago of six islands targeted at key sectors: “Sustainable materials and innovative chemistry”, “Energy for the planet”, “Future transport”, “Connected universe”, “My work of tomorrow” and “In the heart of the living”.

Clicking each other, between November 14 and December 2, to explore them, watching nearly 120 videos, listening to testimonials from about a hundred professionals (operators, technicians, engineers, etc.) detailing the outlines and strengths of of their work, participants earn points for their class or group (for job seekers) in order to gain a physical visit to an industrial site. ” In addition to accessibility from any computer, tablet or mobile phone and a true 3D configuration, this “gamification” is a major axis of innovation for the platform this year.believes Mathieu Rozieresassociate director of Euphoriques who designed it. Each island is alive, with many opportunities for interaction. In total, it has 59 quizzes “.

“ForIndustrie – The Extraordinary Universe” is the result of a large private and public partnership to encourage young people to be interested in jobs in industry. (Credit: Jean-Christophe Barla)

Industry and National Education, hand in hand

After December 2, 2022, the “Extraordinary Universe” will remain free access, no gameto stay in the spring a privileged medium of information of young people when they will decide on their orientation, with Parcours Sup. Beyond that, it should be long-term and constantly adding new content, according to the terms and conditions which will be specified later. ” We have applications from industrialists interested in joining the initiative “, he assures Serge Bornarelgeneral delegate of the UIMM Alpes-Méditerranée.

For Thierry Chaumont, its president, “France is facing the great challenge of reindustrialization and companies are facing the need for multiple transformations, energetic, ecological, digital… which they have already begun. If we want young people to find themselves in factories tomorrow, bring their skills and find good salaries and career prospects, we must make them dream”.

To Claude Garnier, Director of the Academic Region, on behalf of Rectorate of Aix-Marseille, Everything is done with the producers to promote the project, in particular “educational packages” prepared for teachers and classes. ” It is in our interest that we all work together because young people, regardless of their profession in the future, will also be part of a collective. he says.

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